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Would you like a solar powered iPad?

August 25, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share

Solar Powered iPad

Apple is good with technology, there is no doubt about it, right? Apple has been filing patents about new and future generation technology that no other company would be interested in now, or even think that it would work. At least Apple is trying to make it work. Lately, we have seen Apple fighting with other companies over patents, this should be enough to tell you how important patents are in today’s world. If you invented something, you need to make it yours before somebody else takes fault credit for it.

Anyway, solar power is something which is available in abundance and also which would not become endangered pretty quickly. Harnessing such an energy source is a brilliant thing, and this is Apple is up to these days. Actually, Apple has been doing this for some years now. Back in 2008, Apple had filed a patent for a display technology which would display digital content and also double up as a solar panel. So when you are sitting outside using devices made up of such displays, you are not only using the device, but also charging it wirelessly.

Now, Apple is back with something similar. To begin with, patents are something boring, pages of documents with circuit diagrams, resistors, capacitors, and those electronic stuffs which nobody wants to know about. But when its a patent application from Apple’s campus, the whole world is interested.

Anyway, in the latest patent filed, Apple is working on charging devices using solar energy. As TUAW points out, this particular patent just covers the boring components of solar power. It talks more about harnessing the solar energy, rather than capturing it.

By the looks of it, there seems to be a case of the iPad which has solar cells, rather the iPad itself having solar cells. But in the future, we may see iDevices having solar cell body covers so that whenever we are using our iDevices out in the sun, the devices get charged.

Though this sound a bit too much for the real world, I would be glad to make a window in my roof to let in some sunlight at all time so that I can green- and solar-charge my iDevices. What about you?

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