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Why do you Need to Jailbreak your iPad?

June 29, 2011  |  How To Jailbreak iPad  |  Share

Every day, more and more people are purchasing iDevices (iPod, iPhone, iPad,etc). Sad to say, only 10% of the iDevices have been jailbroken. As some would say, “Why do I have to jailbreak anyway?” Same question I asked when I bought my iPhone early this year, after I discarded my iPod 3rd gen without the knowledge of jailbreaking. Now that I have tried and knew the benefits of a jailbroken iDevice, I want to share some insights that might able to help people who are skeptical about jailbreak process.

First of all, what is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is a term used to describe a process done to iOS (Apple Operating System), such as iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, to gain full access to unlock all the features thereby removing the limitations imposed by Apple. In other words, jailbreaking gives an iDevice the freedom to do things that are outside of the scope of an application.

Once jailbroken, particularly an iPad, you can now install pirated applications for free and more apps to enhance your iPad especially those apps that are great but wasn’t approved by Apple. Technically, jailbreaking an iDevice allows modification and installation of third-party applications because the root system files were modified.

Although jailbreaking is legal since it does not include hardware modification, Apple says it will void the iDevice’s warranty. It’s not a big deal about that, because a jailbroken iDevice can be quickly and easily restored through iTunes. Just make sure you have the basic knowledge in restoring your iPad in case things might not go well.

More Tweaks for your iPad

When iPad was launched, especially the 3G model, it lacks more features it should bring. Thanks to the jailbreak community and developers who shared their talents in providing great jailbreak tweaks/apps for everyone.

PhoneIt-iPad is a jailbreak app available in Cydia that will turn your iPad 3G into fully functional phone. You can now initiate a call to other mobile phone numbers, send text messages and use your iPad 3G just like a regular mobile phones. Take note that you need to have a regular SIM card to use this app.

Winterboard, an old jailbreak app to add color to an iDevice, provides themes, modifies icons and other customization for your iPad.

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