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Want a 70 inch iPad screen?

September 25, 2011  |  iPad 2 Accessories  |  Share


iPad is a great little gadget, well, not so little in fact. Its got a big 9.7 inch display which is just a pleasure to use. But sometimes, watching movies or playing games on it is not as good as on a big monitor computer, or on your HDTV. Then comes the obvious solution that you can connect your iPad to your Apple TV and stream all the content you need to the HDTV using Apple TV and AriPlay’s mirroring feature.

But what if you dont have a HDTV or an Apple TV? We are talking about the worst case scenario here. Or what if you have have both a HDTV and an Apple TV but you just dont want to use them as your iPad’s external display? Well, there is however a solution, if you are ready to get a dedicated iPad external display a bit more bigger than the HDTV in your living room.

This is not a joke, and now that you have read the title of this post, there is no much surprise about what we are talking here. So lets get started. We are talking about a giant 70 inch display for your iPad. This is just not another HDTV, but an actual interactive display. Yes, you read it right, interactive. So what? Does it have a speaker and a mic? Not really. Even though it doesn’t respond to sound, it sure responds to touch.

This means that this giant iPad display has a touch screen and it supports multi-touch. This means the old days of playing Angry Birds on the iPad’s display is over. Hook this PadZilla on to your wall, or place it on a big table, and get started with Angry Birds. Manufactured by Crunchy Logistics, the PadZilla is available in all sizes. If you think 70 inches is too small for your living room, you can order a bigger one, 150 inches max. Oh yeah, just be ready to space $35,000 for this.

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