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UpStand for iPad is one sleek stand

September 26, 2011  |  iPad 2 Accessories  |  Share

UpStand iPad Stand

There are a lot of cases and stands for the iPad which attract you because of their looks. Sometimes, stability and durability are also important than looks. But what if you get all the three in one package? It will be something like an iPad stand nirvana, if you know what I mean.

If you have ever shopped for an iPad stand, you’ll know how many varieties of these are available. I’m talking only stands, not docks. Some of them offer a very limited structure and are not always stable. You will not be completely willing to put your $500+ iPad on that stand even after you buy it.

Some of the stands are sturdy like rock, and also look like a rock. So you dont feel like keeping such an ugly thing on your desk. For this reason, most people just dont buy an iPad stand. If you are one such person, here is something you are sure to love. Just Mobile has come up with a new iPad stand called the UpStand.

The UpStand is made completely of aluminium, but has rubber padding wherever needed. For example, at the bottom of the stand, there is a rubber circle so that the stand does not slip off the table with your iPad on it. Also, the stand has rubber padding wherever it is needed to hold you iPad safe.

Also, I think the UpStand is one of the very few iPad stands which are really sleek and maintain the sleekness of the iPad. Even though it has minimal materials, it is awesome sturdy and safe. One more attractive thing about the UpStand is that it accounts for both the portrait and the landscape mode of the iPad. So you dont have to worry about getting one for each orientation.

If you are interested, you can check the official website for more details.

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