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UK city council is buying iPads for garbage trucks

September 2, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share
UK city council is buying iPads for garbage trucks

iPads in Garbage trucks

We have seen iPads in government offices, public transport aircraft, fighter airplanes, ships, schools, and what not? But now, we have a more funny and crazy news. If you dint read the title properly, read a few more times. Yes, a city council in the United Kingdom is buying iPads in bulk for “garbage trucks.”

You ask why iPads in garbage trucks? This is apparently for navigation. I’m guessing that the drivers of these garbage trucks drive them everyday for a living. And when the job is limited to a city, they will be knowing where to go and which route to take. They will be doing this for years.

In such a case, do they need an expensive piece of technology like an iPad for navigation? If you are wondering if this is your city, I’m talking about Bury, where the city council is thinking of investing £9000 ($14,680) for these iPads. Do you think its worth?

Lets dig a little bit deep into what the council has been doing. n fact, they’ve been told they need to make £18 million worth of spending cuts, which obviously makes this harebrained iPad scheme a little controversial.

“Glenn Stuart, Bury’s head of waste management, said: “The scheme is replacing paperwork, which can get lost or get wet. Waste collection is a dirty operation. iPads will be pre-loaded with information and streets and houses will be seen on-screen.”

So, town of Bury, are you ready to see high end technology integrated into your town’s garbage trucks? You have to update yourself before the garbage trucks get updated.

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