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TomTom is releasing its app for the iPad

September 5, 2011  |  iPad Apps  |  Share

TomTom for iPad

Have you heard of the TomTom satellite navigation app? You sure must have if you are an iPhone person and love to hook up your iPhone to the dash board of your car so that you can know where you are going with some assistance from the satellite. When you are in a new neighborhood, its not really easy to find your way out or into some place that you are not familiar with. And if you live in a city where you are a lot of one ways, you cant afford to make the wrong turn which will take you a mile ahead to get a u-turn.

At times like this, its always better to have a satellite assisted navigation. But then, doesn’t the 3.5 inch display of the iPhone seem a bit small to you for sat nav? It does to me. Dint you ever wish you had it on a bigger screen? Say, the iPad’s screen for example. Well, if you did wish this, you are in luck as TomTom is releasing its app for the iPad as well.

The release has not yet been made public, but Poket-Lint somehow got lucky to get their hands on a working demo. So what is the difference between the small screen of the iPhone and the big screen of the iPad when it comes to the app? Well, more info. You get more info on the screen without having to switch between screens when you are using the app.

“What you benefit from on the iPad is the superb size and sensitivity of the touchscreen, the like of which satnavs have been failing to ape for years. What that real estate now means is that there’s space to split the screen with window views within. Practically speaking, that means that you don’t have to surf the menus and experience the advanced lane guidance view as a screen switch but instead at the very same time along side the route map.”

So, if you are interested, you should keep your peace until the developers release the product.

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