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Tips to improve your iPad 2’s Battery Life (Part 2)

July 18, 2011  |  iPad Tweaks  |  Share

Yesterday, I have covered about some tips on how to improve your iPad 2’s battery life. Today, I am adding some tips on how to do it, a continuation of the last post’s topic. This is because there are certain situations wherein sometimes we need to save the power in our iDevice in order to last it until the next charging, just like when you’ll be having a camping trip and may not be able to access a power source for a period of time.

While we really love having our iPads with us all the time, certain features must be disabled if you want to save the battery life. Jailbreak your iPad 2 so you can put more control over it.

improve ipad battery life

Turn ON Airplane Mode. When you are just watching movies, typing a document or reading an eBook, you may disable all the wireless networking services that your iPad 2 can provide. Install SBSettings so you can access turning ON or OFF the Airplane Mode easily even if your iPad was locked.

Turn OFF the 3G. If your iPad 2 supports 3G connection and you are connected to WiFi, you may turn OFF the 3G since it drains the battery faster. Fast toggle switch to turn ON and OFF the 3G can also be accessed through SBSettings.

Turn OFF Bluetooth. Same with other wireless network connection, the Bluetooth also drains your battery. So when this is unnecessary, turn it OFF.

Turn OFF Apps. While the iOS doesn’t let you know that a certain app is running, the jailbreak community can! Install Running Indicator (if your iPad 2 is jailbroken) so you can quickly and easily turn off unnecessary apps that are running. When you have this tweak, you can see an “X” on the top left of an app which is running. You can then tap it to close.
ipad 2 batteryTurn OFF Push Notifications. The built-in Mail App and other social networking apps that you have installed are enabling push notifications. Turn it OFF since it also saves your precious battery life. You can also turn it back ON if you don’t need to save battery on your iPad.

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