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There are now 450,000 Active Apps in the App Store

August 9, 2011  |  iPad Apps  |  Share

450,000 Active Apps in the App Store

For an Apple fan like me, the present time has been an exciting one. We have launch dates of the new iiOS 5 to look forward to and then there are so many rumors going around about the launch of the next generation iPhone as well. Apple, not too long back, announced it’s new service, iCloud. Apple has been buzzing with activity.

A few days back, we read about a small survey which was conducted to determine the average number of users using mobile devices to access on-flight Wi-Fi, and Apple’s iDevices were leading the pack even there.

Recently, Apple made another announcement about it’s App Store. According to the then latest count, the Apple App Store had reached a staggering 425,000 number of active applications. Just another month has passed and we have more good news. The previous number has increased from 425,000 to an astounding 450,000. A 25,000 increase in just a month’s time. It should also be noted that we are counting only active apps and not each and every app which was ever available on the App Store. According to AppsFire.com, the new milestone was reached on the 5th of August. The total number of 450,000 includes 337,000 iPhone / iPod Touch apps and 114,000 iPad optimized apps. Another 500,000 and the App Store will have half a million apps, and going by the current rate at which the numbers are increasing, that day is not far. In related news, the number of iOS app developers currently number at 98,713. It will soon reach a hundred thousand developers.

Apple App Store has almost twice the number of apps as it’s competitor, the Android Market.

With the coming of iOS 5, we can only expect an exponential increase in the number of apps developed. There are even chances that Apple TV will start getting it’s own apps.

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