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Target discounts iPad 2, is it time for iPad 3?

September 16, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share

Target discounts iPad 2 price

There have been a lot of rumors about the iPad 3, also known sometimes as iPad HD. But lately, we have nothing about these cool tablets. We have read about rumors like this tablet is going to have an improved camera, a better processor, A6 to be precise, a Retina display with almost double the resolution of the current iPad 2, and much more. But whatever happened to all these rumors.

We also got a rumor saying that Apple has no plans of releasing a new iPad till the March or April of next year, and after this rumor, there was nothing to talk about a new iPad 3. But today, the rumors are back, and they are back with a grain of proof. TiPb has started the rumor again by stating that Target has announced the End of Life for the iPad.

In the retail business, End of Life, or EOL, means that the life of a product is fading and it has to be put on a discount sale to clear the remaining stocks. And apparently, this is what Target is doing with the iPad 2, implementing that the life of the iPad 2 tablet is fading away, making way for the iPad 3.

“That implies that we will not be ordering more, which implies a new ipad is forthcoming rather soon (October-ish, say). Either that or Target’s exiting the iPad business, which seems unlikely. A lot of the cases have gone clearance too.”

This can be interpreted in two ways. Either Apple is planning to finally release the iPad 3, or Target is not making good money selling iPad 2. So the retail chain want to discount it and clear its stocks. But why are refusing to accept the second interpretation? Is it because its more realistic?

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