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Steve Jobs visioned iCloud back in 1997

September 25, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share

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Since how many years have you been actually using cloud computing? Or exactly from how many years have you been hearing about cloud computing? For a lot of people, the concept is still not clear. There are so many people in the technological world, who are supposed to be heads of technical departments in different kinds of organisations, who think that cloud computing really has something to do with the clouds in the sky and weather. But Steve Jobs was different, and he still is.

Way back in 1997, at the WWDC Developer Conference, he said something. He spoke about his vision of how computing will be in the future and how he wants to participate in making that happen. I dont think most people dint give a damn about what he said. But now, he has introduced iCloud, a technology that all Apple products users are sure to love. This is his vision come true. And the best part is, right from the beginning of dreaming of his vision to accomplishing that, Steve Jobs has been here and did what he wanted to do, make it all happen.

At the 1997 WWDC Developer Conference, he said:

“Let me describe the world I live in.”

And more, we are all living in the world that he wanted to live in. The attached five minutes video is worth a watch. You will know how determined Steve Jobs was and still is. His final words were:

“I can’t communicate to you how awesome this is unless you use it. And what you would decide within a day or two is that carrying around these non-connected computers or computers with tons of state in them — tons of data and state in them — is Byzantine by comparison.”

If you are thinking its here and you are already in the cloud, I believe this is just the beginning. There is a lot more to come.

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