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Skyfire Launches VideoQ Flash Video Jukebox

July 29, 2011  |  iPad Apps  |  Share

Ask someone who is against Apple’s iDevices, one of the things among the list of shortcomings they will mention is the inability of iDevices to play Adobe’s Flash videos. This is something many users of iDevices will agree with as well. Why Apple is stubborn about not bringing in the functionality into their devices is anybody’s guess.

Skyfire VideoQ Flash Video JukeboxBut now we have a solution to this problem. The solution comes in the name of Skyfire. Yes, the company famous for their mobile web browsers. They have announced a new iOS app which will let your iDevices play Flash.

Though currently this app is available to iStore markets of The United States and Canada, Skyfire will release it internationally soon. The app is called Skyfire VideoQ and it runs on both the iPad and the iPhone. The app can be yours for $2.99 and is sure to make you a happy iDevice user.

Here is how it works. The user needs to just send the link containing the flash video from the Safari browser to VideoQ via email. The links can then be accessed from inside the app any time later, enabling you to enjoy the video.

Skyfire, most famous for its mobile web browsers, has announced a new iOS app that promises to finally bring Flash to Apple’s mobile devices.

“With Skyfire VideoQ, iPhone & iPad users can finally access video designed for Adobe® Flash® Player from Safari, Opera and other previously unsupported mobile browsers. Skyfire VideoQ unlocks videos designed for Adobe® Flash® Player regardless of the mobile browser, allowing users to forward previously unwatchable videos from over 1 million websites directly to the app. Users can also use the Skyfire VideoQ as a locker to store videos for later viewing and sharing. Users have several easy options for sending videos to the VideoQ app from their browser of choice. A user can email the Web link to their unique VideoQ email address, paste a Web link into the app, or install a bookmarklet, which forwards videos to the VideoQ app for future watching.”

So finally iDevice fans have an answer to those who love to criticize it.

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