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Report Claims iPad 2 Price Drop, iPad 3 Prices Similar to Previous Model

August 5, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share

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It has not been too long since iPad 2 was released, but there are already talks of Apple apparently planing to release the next iPad in line. There have also been rumors about the launch of different kinds of iPads as well. The iPad HD at the same time the iPhone 5 is rumored to be released. Alright now, that’s enough of mights and could be’s. At one point of time, rumors get annoying.

There are still some people though who just love these devices and any news about these devices is like an adrenaline rush to them. So here goes another speculation of sorts about Apple’s tablet, iPad. According to an article from Taiwan Economic News, rumors of Apple launching the next tablet has taken steam. The release according to these talks, is scheduled sometime around the month of October. The iPad in talks is the iPad 3. In the beginning, iPad 3 was supposed to be a high end tablet model of Apple with prices appropriately assigned. Now, though we think that the iPad 3 will be priced at the same line as the existing iPad 2. So what about the iPad 2. It is expected to go down the same way iPhone 3GS went. With prices heavily slashed to make clear the space.

Could Apple really be planning the next tablet this soon though? If we think about it, the plan does not seem to immature. After all there is not much Apple can bring in with a new tablet. Mean while the rivals are still breathing down the neck of Apple. With many new tablets scheduled to hit the market soon, it is necessary for Apple to have a tablet which is better than the rest, with all the chinks in it’s armour repaired. With iPad 3, Apple can introduce a better screen and a higher mega pixel camera. Though these are not much, it will surely help Apple maintain it’s lead in the tablet market.

So, though the launch of a new tablet seems too soon, Apple has good reasons to go ahead with the launch.

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