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Reasons Not to Jailbreak

August 9, 2011  |  How To Jailbreak iPad  |  Share

Why not to Jailbreak iPadLet us go through some reasons for not jailbreaking you iDevice. Though there are tons of reasons why one might consider jailbreaking his iDevice, there are a few points which might stop the more cautious person from going ahead with the process.


When ever you jailbreak you iPad, you run the risk of rendering your iDevice useless. This is referred to as “bricking”. If your iPad falls prey to bricking, the only way to save it is by doing a complete system restore. This completely wipes all the data from the device, but you can always restore from the backup which iTunes creates. This is not a permanent problem, but it will still prevent some people from going ahead with jailbreaking.

Voiding Warranty

Jailbreaking your iDevice will of course void off it’s warranty. Jailbreaking might be legal, but that does not mean that Apple will take responsibility if anything goes wrong with the device after the device has been jailbroken. It is like breaking a seal. There is nothing illegal about tearing off the seal but once the seal is broken the product loses it’s warranty.

Data Suck

Jailbreaking does make it possible for you to make FaceTime calls over 3G, but it creates another kind of problem. Video calls over 3G consume a lot of data and if you do not have the safety of a grandfathered unlimited data plan, you will go bankrupt the next time your Phone bill arrives.

Full of Bugs

Jailbreaking a device does not always come out with good results. Some times, due to unknown errors, it is possible that you will end up losing the ability to use both FaceTime on you iPad. Loyalists, though have come up with updates and bug fixes which has fixed this issue with jailbreaking.

Security Concerns

The major concern and the only true disadvantage of jailbreaking according to me is the risk of falling prey to hackers. Jailbreaking sometimes makes your device vulnerable to malwares. The prospect of your iPad becoming a hotspot for malicious activities acts as the major deterrent to Jailbreaking.

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