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Pulse News for iPad

August 7, 2011  |  iPad Apps  |  Share

Pulse News for iPadPulse News for iPhone and iPad is a different way of reading news everyday. The app acts like a single source for all the latest news and articles. It makes it easy for you to get fresh news and articles and saves you a lot of time, doing all this in a smooth and seem less way with easy navigation.

The app does not report news by itself. It is like your personal report or news gatherer. It takes news and articles from websites and arranges them in a beautiful way for you to browse through. It even lets you read the material offline by saving it locally.

Different sources of news can be added to get a verity of news and also to get a different point of view on a certain topic. If you are finding it difficult to get good sources of news and reading material, or do not have time to search for fresh ones, this app does it for you. Pulse features new publishers every week. You can also search for news sources by entering keywords, and once you have found one that interests you, you can go ahead and add it to Pulse.

The app gives another amazing option. The news articles and other reading materials that have been mined using Pulse can be transferred to other news reading apps such as Instapaper, Read it later, Evernote or Reader. To use this option you need to open a Pulse.me account which lets yo sync the materials with the other apps. Apart from syncing material with other apps, you can also share it with friends on Fcaebook or Twitter.

The app has been featured in the Apple App Hall Of Fame and also been included by TIME Magazine in their top iPhone app list. It has also been praised by the press and media.

“With surprise boost from Jobs, Pulse news app is a hit.” – CNN

“Alphonso Labs, creators of Pulse News – the new king of Apps” – Fortune Magazine

“Pulse, popular app, moves to attract more users” – NYTimes

“Pulse News is a solid app, visually pleasing even on a smaller screen.” – TechCrunch

Those are really note worthy. Besides all these, Pulse is an app which is available for free in the App Store. No choice for you, but to download it

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