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There are now 450,000 Active Apps in the App Store

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450,000 Active Apps in the App Store

For an Apple fan like me, the present time has been an exciting one. We have launch dates of the new iiOS 5 to look forward to and then there are so many rumors going around about the launch of the next generation iPhone as well. Apple, not too long back, announced it’s new service, iCloud. Apple has been buzzing with activity.

A few days back, we read about a small survey which was conducted to determine the average number of users using mobile devices to access on-flight Wi-Fi, and Apple’s iDevices were leading the pack even there.

Recently, Apple made another announcement about it’s App Store. According to the then latest count, the Apple App Store had reached a staggering 425,000 number of active applications. Just another month has passed and we have more good news. The previous number has increased from 425,000 to an astounding 450,000. A 25,000 increase in just a month’s time. It should also be noted that we are counting only active apps and not each and every app which was ever available on the App Store. According to AppsFire.com, the new milestone was reached on the 5th of August. The total number of 450,000 includes 337,000 iPhone / iPod Touch apps and 114,000 iPad optimized apps. Another 500,000 and the App Store will have half a million apps, and going by the current rate at which the numbers are increasing, that day is not far. In related news, the number of iOS app developers currently number at 98,713. It will soon reach a hundred thousand developers.

Apple App Store has almost twice the number of apps as it’s competitor, the Android Market.

With the coming of iOS 5, we can only expect an exponential increase in the number of apps developed. There are even chances that Apple TV will start getting it’s own apps.

Reasons Not to Jailbreak

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Why not to Jailbreak iPadLet us go through some reasons for not jailbreaking you iDevice. Though there are tons of reasons why one might consider jailbreaking his iDevice, there are a few points which might stop the more cautious person from going ahead with the process.


When ever you jailbreak you iPad, you run the risk of rendering your iDevice useless. This is referred to as “bricking”. If your iPad falls prey to bricking, the only way to save it is by doing a complete system restore. This completely wipes all the data from the device, but you can always restore from the backup which iTunes creates. This is not a permanent problem, but it will still prevent some people from going ahead with jailbreaking.

Voiding Warranty

Jailbreaking your iDevice will of course void off it’s warranty. Jailbreaking might be legal, but that does not mean that Apple will take responsibility if anything goes wrong with the device after the device has been jailbroken. It is like breaking a seal. There is nothing illegal about tearing off the seal but once the seal is broken the product loses it’s warranty.

Data Suck

Jailbreaking does make it possible for you to make FaceTime calls over 3G, but it creates another kind of problem. Video calls over 3G consume a lot of data and if you do not have the safety of a grandfathered unlimited data plan, you will go bankrupt the next time your Phone bill arrives.

Full of Bugs

Jailbreaking a device does not always come out with good results. Some times, due to unknown errors, it is possible that you will end up losing the ability to use both FaceTime on you iPad. Loyalists, though have come up with updates and bug fixes which has fixed this issue with jailbreaking.

Security Concerns

The major concern and the only true disadvantage of jailbreaking according to me is the risk of falling prey to hackers. Jailbreaking sometimes makes your device vulnerable to malwares. The prospect of your iPad becoming a hotspot for malicious activities acts as the major deterrent to Jailbreaking.

MobileMe Users to Get 25GB of Storage Till June 2012

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iCloud Storage

From the day iCloud was announced by Apple, on June 6th during their World Wide Developer Conference, developers have been excited about the new iCloud. At the same time, they have also been worried thinking about what will happen to the 20 GB of storage space they paid for their MobileMe account once iCloud will go live, and they stop using their MobileMe account. MobileMe service will stop functioning from June, next year.

Finally, Apple has given these developers a reason to heave a sigh of relief. Apple has announced MobileMe users can take with them the 20 GB MobileMe storage space to their iCloud accounts. It should also be noted that iCloud already offers 5 GB of storage space as base to all account holders. This means that existing MobileMe users migrating to iCloud services will have a total of 25 GB of storage space. Normally, the 20 GB storage would have cost $40 per year.

Users will be able to use the additional 20 GB of storage space for ‘free’ (It is not exactly free considering that users have already paid for it) until June 30th of next year. After the 30th of June, users will be automatically billed for the 20 GB. That will be the same $40 per year. June 30 will be the day MobileMe will go offline. By June next year, almost all developers will have used up the 20 GB storage and most will not think of opting out of the 20 GB storage.

Apple has also made the migration of accounts from MobileMe to iCloud convenient and seamless through me.com/move. No one is complaining about anything till now and are unlikely to do so in the future. Apple has surely managed the transition well.

Editions by AOL for iPad

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Editions by AOL for iPadWe all read magazines, of course. Each of us has a different taste as well. Some read magazines about technology and others choose political magazines. You might have more than one interests as well. Have you ever thought about having a magazine tailored made for you and delivered to you? A magazine which has all the news and articles from all your favorite subjects, impossible you think?

It is definitely possible now with Editions by AOL. This app delivers a personalised app for you on your iPad, not monthly, not fortnightly, not even weekly, but everyday. Editions learns what your interests are and prepares a magazine from various sources and compiles a unique magazine which is your own.

Personalization is the word here. With each edition, you can pick keywords for things that you like and keywords for topics you do not like. Depending on this, Editions prepares a magazine everyday for you and if you are aware of sources which provide news or articles you like, you can add them to Editions, and from the next time your magazine will contain material from the sources you added. You can also choose from some of the common news sections such as Top News, Tech, Business, Family, Health & Fitness, Sports, Entertainment, Music, and Travel.

Editions also keeps you updated about what is happening around you by delivering local news and weather reports. You just need to enter your zip code to let the app know your locality.

Editions also has an in built calender. Now you can display all your important events and birthdays, and meetings. The app also gives you the option to bookmark so that you can continue reading later from where you left.

This app is however compatible only with the iPad. Also, some users have had complaints about the app crashing. Since the reviews are mixed, it is left to you to decide how you feel about it. Since it is a free app, there is no harm in giving it a try.

Pulse News for iPad

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Pulse News for iPadPulse News for iPhone and iPad is a different way of reading news everyday. The app acts like a single source for all the latest news and articles. It makes it easy for you to get fresh news and articles and saves you a lot of time, doing all this in a smooth and seem less way with easy navigation.

The app does not report news by itself. It is like your personal report or news gatherer. It takes news and articles from websites and arranges them in a beautiful way for you to browse through. It even lets you read the material offline by saving it locally.

Different sources of news can be added to get a verity of news and also to get a different point of view on a certain topic. If you are finding it difficult to get good sources of news and reading material, or do not have time to search for fresh ones, this app does it for you. Pulse features new publishers every week. You can also search for news sources by entering keywords, and once you have found one that interests you, you can go ahead and add it to Pulse.

The app gives another amazing option. The news articles and other reading materials that have been mined using Pulse can be transferred to other news reading apps such as Instapaper, Read it later, Evernote or Reader. To use this option you need to open a Pulse.me account which lets yo sync the materials with the other apps. Apart from syncing material with other apps, you can also share it with friends on Fcaebook or Twitter.

The app has been featured in the Apple App Hall Of Fame and also been included by TIME Magazine in their top iPhone app list. It has also been praised by the press and media.

“With surprise boost from Jobs, Pulse news app is a hit.” – CNN

“Alphonso Labs, creators of Pulse News – the new king of Apps” – Fortune Magazine

“Pulse, popular app, moves to attract more users” – NYTimes

“Pulse News is a solid app, visually pleasing even on a smaller screen.” – TechCrunch

Those are really note worthy. Besides all these, Pulse is an app which is available for free in the App Store. No choice for you, but to download it

Comics for iPad

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Comics for iPadI am a huge comic book fan with a not so small collection of comic books on my hard disk. Yes, digital copies and not the hard copies. Makes it much easier to store and manage and read. If you are a comic book fan too and prefer digital copies over and own an iPad as well, then I suggest you take a look at this app here called Comics, developed by ComiXology.

The app can be used on iPhones and iPod Touches, but reading digital comics feels and looks the best on an iPad. A disadvantage with maintaining a collection with hard copies is that you do not realise when a certain issue has been released in the market. You might manage to keep a track of a few but with the sheer number of issues that get released every day, it becomes a tedious job. This app here solves that problem for you. All the latest releases and series get displayed in a nice and attractive layout making it extremely easy for you to browse through them. Another advantage with Comics is that issues from all your favorite publishers can be found in a single place. No more running around from store to store searching for the book you are looking for.

Some of the publishers included in Comics are

• Marvel Comics

• DC Comics

• Image Comics

• BOOM Studios

• Dynamite Entertainment

• Red 5


• Zenescope

and are a dozen or more.

This has perhaps the largest collection of digital comics. The genres available here for reading are as wide as the publishers that are available.

Coming back to the easy and fun way of reading comics on an iPad, ComiXology makes it even better. Comics uses a technology called Guided View™ Technology. This makes it extremely easy to read, with each block or scene appearing on the screen at a time and sometimes for very large image the screen moves from one part to the other. You will just love it once you start reading it. Some might even feel it looks better than on an actual physical copy.

There are a few negative things about this app though. Some will find the prices of issues expensive. Regarding the app itself, it takes a long time to load since it updates itself every single time it is opened, and the major issue is with storage. It does not give the option to download the purchased comics on to your hard disk, and it is not limited by your device’s storage space either, but by a limit in the app itself. That is certainly not convenient.

It is left for you to decide if you rate the advantages over the disadvantages and go ahead and buy it.

Atomic Web Browser – Browse FullScreen with Download Manager & Dropbox

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Atomic Web Browser for iPad

All iDevice users are tired of iOS’s default web browser Safari. It is too basic and has too many restrictions put on by Apple. Even with all the updates on iOS coming regularly, there has not been any major improvement with the Safari browser, but who says you have to tolerate Safari anymore when you have the most amazing mobile web browser ever.

We are talking about the Atomic Web Browser for iPad. Atomic Web Browser is probably the most advanced mobile web browser that is available. The browser app has all the functionalities of a full scale desktop browser like Firefox or Google Chrome, plus the user friendly controls of a touch input tablet.

The app which is developed by RichTech has reviewers going gaga over it. Here are a few accolades.

“Best alternate browser”― Macworld

“Atomic Web: A Better iPad Browser” ― PCWorld

“Feature Packed” ― 148Apps

“It has the best user interface, the best feature set, and the best speed of the browsers tested. ” – Appadvice

The features of Atomic Web Browser needs no descriptions because they are the same as any other advanced desktop web browser. It has tabs to open pages in and it allows multiple files to be downloaded at the same time. This also means that now you do not have to download another app just to download files from the Internet. It lets you save web pages for offline viewing.

It has private mode. It has an in built ad blocker which even some of the desktop browsers lack.

It lets you manage your bookmarks, letting you share it, edit it, export it etc. It even lets users view the web page source, and much more.

Apart from all the desktop browser like features, it has some features which makes it so perfect for a mobile device. The app browser lets you video out to display web pages on projectors or TVs. It is AirPrint compatible. It tricks web sites into thinking Atomic Web Browser is a desktop browser and presents the full scale version of thweb page.

Multi-touch gesture is another one of it’s cool feature. The default ones are

  • 2 finger left swipe: Switch to Previous Tab
  • 2 finger right swipe: Switch to Next Tab
  • 2 finger up swipe: Load homepage
  • 2 finger down swipe: close current tab
  • 3 finger tap: Enters / Exits full screen mode

The two finger gestures can even be customized with 24 other functions.

The list of features go on and on. With all these great features, Atomic Web Browser is available in the App Store for just $0.99.

Instapaper for iPad

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Instapaper for iPad

For people who love reading, the Internet is an excellent source. It is a readily available source with infinite number of articles and blogs and other reading material. The iPad is a perfect companion for those who love reading. You can carry around all your books in a thin slate, but what about those articles online? You cannot read them conveniently on the go if your iPad is not 3G enabled. Even if you save the articles for later reading, you still get to see all the web ads and other distracting web contents which you get along with the article or blog you are reading.

The solution is here in the form of Instapaper. This is a critically acclaimed app which basically works by saving the web content for offline use, the difference being that it saves only the text material and photos which are actually required. All the other useless junk on the online page is dumped leaving a content perfect for reading on an iPad or iPhone.

The app has an inbuilt browser from where you can search for online reading material and save them for later reading. The apps even lets you save long emails. In case you do not find any interesting article online or you do not have the time to hunt around, you can pick from the Editor’s Pick which features many ‘hand picked’ stories from the web and shared on the Instapaper community.

Other features include dark mode for night reading, inbuilt dictionary, folders, adjustable fonts, text sizes, line spacing, and margins, article sharing with friends through email or twitter and many more.

One limitation that I felt is that the app does not let you save more than 500 material in the app at one time. You need to make use of the Instapaper website to save any more material. 500 is still a large number and few will ever find the need to save more than 500.

Instapaper is available for download from the App Store for $4.99.

Print remotely from your iPad using Print Central

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Print Central for iPad

With tablets becoming more and more common everyday, they are being used by everyone from students to office goers to casual users. There are scores of educational apps helping out students and dozens of office apps helping you go through that important report during your commute.

With the office, now coming to you on your iPad, you might get to deal with lots of office documents at home or on the move. The need to print some of these documents also arises automatically. The App Store has a solution for this as well with the use of some useful third party apps.

One such app is called PrintCentral by EuroSmartz Ltd. This app lets you print remotely from your iPad via 3G or EDGE. It does not work over Wi-Fi, so it is necessary to have the 3G model of the iPad. Once you have the proper device, you can download the app from the App Store by paying $8.99. Slightly on the expensive side but worth the price for the work it does.

Once you have finished downloading the app on the iPad, you need to install a software on the desktop or PC as well. This software can be downloaded for free from

http://mobile.eurosmartz.com/download.html. It is called WePrint.

The next step would be to create a new Gmail account. It is preferable to use a new account rather than an existing one. Once the Gmail account is created, add the username and password of the email account in the Print Via Proxy tab of the WePrint software from the settings.

Hit on the ‘test’ button next to it to test if the connection works properly.

Your Gmail username and password needs to added in Print Via 3G tab on your iPad as well.

Now you are ready to start printing through your iPad.

PrintCentral is not just a remote printing app. It does much more from sharing files with other iPads to converting files from one format to other or access zip files and full file management.

We will need a complete guide to describe all it’s functionalities. An App which has been the App of the week in UK and Europe is a must have. Do not forget to check out the app on the App Store.

Report Claims iPad 2 Price Drop, iPad 3 Prices Similar to Previous Model

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iPad 3 rumor

It has not been too long since iPad 2 was released, but there are already talks of Apple apparently planing to release the next iPad in line. There have also been rumors about the launch of different kinds of iPads as well. The iPad HD at the same time the iPhone 5 is rumored to be released. Alright now, that’s enough of mights and could be’s. At one point of time, rumors get annoying.

There are still some people though who just love these devices and any news about these devices is like an adrenaline rush to them. So here goes another speculation of sorts about Apple’s tablet, iPad. According to an article from Taiwan Economic News, rumors of Apple launching the next tablet has taken steam. The release according to these talks, is scheduled sometime around the month of October. The iPad in talks is the iPad 3. In the beginning, iPad 3 was supposed to be a high end tablet model of Apple with prices appropriately assigned. Now, though we think that the iPad 3 will be priced at the same line as the existing iPad 2. So what about the iPad 2. It is expected to go down the same way iPhone 3GS went. With prices heavily slashed to make clear the space.

Could Apple really be planning the next tablet this soon though? If we think about it, the plan does not seem to immature. After all there is not much Apple can bring in with a new tablet. Mean while the rivals are still breathing down the neck of Apple. With many new tablets scheduled to hit the market soon, it is necessary for Apple to have a tablet which is better than the rest, with all the chinks in it’s armour repaired. With iPad 3, Apple can introduce a better screen and a higher mega pixel camera. Though these are not much, it will surely help Apple maintain it’s lead in the tablet market.

So, though the launch of a new tablet seems too soon, Apple has good reasons to go ahead with the launch.