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Apple’s new battery patent, could be for the iPad

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Apple’s new battery patent

Apple is known for it’s futuristic ideas be it in design of it’s devices or the software and hardware for it. They are certainly good at coming up with new ideas and they have bags full of patents to their credit. So what is the next major technological innovation that Apple has come up with? It is battery life.

According to inside sources from Apple, they have filed a new patent application for a new battery technology they have come up for their iPad. This new technology is said to bring in a new design and increase battery backup by making it more efficient.

The company is trying to increase the battery backup of its iPad’s battery, by packing up multiple “jelly rolls” into a single battery unit.

“Jelly rolls (Swiss rolls), are typically found in your standard cylindrical rechargeable AA D batteries. Anode and cathode material is laid down and divided by a separator, then rolled up into a hollow cylinder in the design.”

The patent is named ”Battery with Multiple Jelly Rolls in a single Pouch”. This new technology will try to improve upon the existing Li batteries used by current iPads as well as iPhones and laptops. Li batteries are known for the long backup time they provide with small sizes which can be put in the small compartments to fit in sleek gadgets like the iPad. But experts say that this existing design is not good enough as it leaves 90% to 95% of space in the compartments unused. This is something Apple is trying to overcome with the new patent.

Below is an excerpt from the patent application:

“The use and placement of multiple jelly rolls of different lengths and thicknesses within a pouch may allow the creation of a custom battery cell that maximizes the use of free space within a portable electronic device and provides greater capacity, packing efficiency, and/or voltage than battery cells that contain only one jelly roll per pouch. – Apple Patent 20110183169”

Hence, we can make out that with this new revolutionary design, future iPads and other Apple products can be designed without having to worry about leaving a fixed amount of space for a battery. Any free space found can be utilised.

Apple is investigating solar cells for future iDevices

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Apple and Samsung solar powered cells

Considering all the talk about power saving and going green, it does not come as a surprise that Apple and one of its main competitors in the smartphones and tablet categories, Samsung, are considering the idea of using solar power in their future devices, according to DigiTimes.

The technology will let future devices like iPads to be charged with the use of solar cells. But this sure is a long way off from now.

Samsung and Apple have been evaluating the possible niche market for solar-powered consumer products and considering the inclusion of Taiwan-based solar firms in their respective supply chains. However, according to Taiwan-based solar firms, these niche markets will need a longer time to develop.

Apple has been rumored to be working on solar technology before as well, and with our mobile devices consuming more and more power and requiring frequent charges, it will come as a welcome change to have a device which will charge itself on solar cells and run continuously without the need to plug the device into a socket. Considering It’s potential we may expect that Apple isn’t going to be the only company looking into alternative sources of power for their hardware.

We have been seeing Samsung and Apple fight it out in the market and in the court of law over their tablet and smartphone businesses. With the sales of Apple’s iPads reaching new heights, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab giving iPad a bitter fight— it appears it will be some time before we see any clear picture of who the winner might be.

For obvious reasons it will be some time before these new technologies will see the light of reality , the new technology will not be seen in iDevices any time soon. But we have to start sometime and we are glad it is happening now, and not at all surprised that Apple is looking to the future. After all, that is what Apple does best.

NASA Launches iPad App For Earth Exploration

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With the powerful and beautiful display of an iPad, almost every application looks stunning. So here is a new app developed by NASA only for the iPad which makes full use of the Ratina display and not just the look wise. This app is a very useful one for all of us who love to explore and want to know more about our Earth. Instead of looking to the stars, NASA, this time, has shifted its gaze back towards earth. Visualization Explorer is a new, free iPad app from NASA that lets you see what’s going on in the world we live in.

NASA Visualiztion Explorer

Some of the actual scientific work carried out by NASA regularly is revealed to us through this app. Also new videos, photos, and interactive walkthroughs will be added weekly. The topics range from climate change to global vegetation and many others and even space exploration.

“NASA science: revealed! This is the NASA Visualization Explorer, the coolest way to get stories about advanced space-based research delivered right to your iPad. A direct connection to NASA’s extraordinary fleet of research spacecraft, this app presents cutting edge research stories in an engaging and exciting format. See the Earth as you’ve never seen it before; travel to places otherwise unavailable to even the most intrepid explorers! Download it now, tap into the power of NASA’s cutting-edge research today and check for new stories every week!”

Visualization Explorer will totally get you immersed in NASA’s research, and there’s plenty of interesting video content as well. NASA will be updating the app weekly with a bunch of new content, so users will have something new and exciting every week and will keep us updated about the space agency’s brilliant work.

This is a must have for all those who love NASA and it’s work and those who love exploration. And what’s more. it’s free. So go get it in the App Store.

Retina Display for the Next iPad is Near to Reality

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If you have been using iPhone 4 for quite some time, perhaps you will really agree with me that the Retina display that the iPhone 4 possess is incomparable to any other smartphones (even tablets). Although the technology that Apple was using in their iPhone 4 was somebody’s hard work, they still have the right to call them their own. But, according to LG Electronics CEO Young Soo Kwon during an interview with the Korea Times, more smartphone manufacturers will release new models employing LG’s “Retina Display” that has been used in iPhones and iPads.”

If you will pay careful attention to what Mr. Kwon had said, currently there is no iPad model that possessed a Retina display yet. For all the iDevices, only the iPhone 4 and [easyazon-link asin="B001FA1O0O"]iPod Touch 4th generation[/easyazon-link] have Retina display of which LG had manufactured. Maybe what he is referring to is the next generation iPad (probably an iPad 3). The iPad 3 is expected to be launch later this year before the holidays and could be together with the next generation iPhone. We don’t really know the plan of Apple but one thing we’re sure of; they always love to surprise its customers!

Although LG and Samsung will not be surprised anymore with this news, since they are the one testing the highest quality they can possibly do for the next iPad generation. Many expected that the iPad 2 has a high resolution screens but as it turns out, it was the same with the original iPad. We hope to see that the third generation will now carry the excellent display we’ve been waiting for.

As what Young Soo Kwon said that more smartphone manufacturers will employ Retina display to their products, it would be interesting which company will try to compete with Apple’s top iDevices.

iPhone 5 case schematic turns up online

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iPhone 5 case schematic

The above image is that of the much anticipated iPhone 5 case. A schematic to be precise. If the image shown is accurate in its design,  we may perhaps be able to deduce a few interesting things about the look of the next-generation [easyazon-link asin="B00414WBT4"]Apple iPhone[/easyazon-link].
According to the rumors that have been going around, the case design pictured above reflects a new, more curved back for the iPhone 5 – not unlike the moderately curved back on the second-generation iPad.
Another thing which is apparent from the above design is the long-standing suspicion that the refreshed iPhone will bring with it an edge-to-edge screen making full use of its body. The screen appears larger and takes up most of the frontal face with an extremely thin bezel which squares perfectly with the earlier claim we’ve been hearing about the upcoming iPhone 5, also with a larger home screen button.

All the latest insider information confirm that the iPhone 5 will make its market debut in the month of September, although an early August announcement and demonstration of it’s 5th generation device by Apple is very much a possibility. The sooner the better.

Another feature of the new iPhone that we can deduce if the schematics are to be believed is that the iDevice will come equipped with an LED flash.

Additional and supplement evidence is increasingly suggesting that the iPhone 5 design will not be an almost spot-on match to to the iPhone 4 design as initially and widely rumored.

All about iPad 2 Jailbreak update for iOS 4.3.5

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After Apple has managed to release an immediate update of iOS 4.3.4 to plug the hole of iOS 4.3.3 which can be easily jailbroken with JailbreakME 3.0, another update to iOS 4.3.5 was now launched again with just 1 week interval. Apple’s reason? “To fix the vulnerability with certificate validation.” Perhaps they have found first some hole that could somehow be used for jailbreakers to inject another jailbreak.

Although other iDevices, can avail a tethered jailbreak using RedSn0w, the iPad 2 has now way it can be jailbroken even using RedSn0w. So, if you are lucky enough to have jailbroken your iPad 2 with iOS 4.3.3 using JailbreakME 3.0, DO NOT update to iOS 4.3.4 or 4.3.5. Instead, save a copy of your SHSH blob to be on the safe side. If you have updated without saving your SHSH, you do not have any other choice but to wait desperately for the next jailbreak to come. If you had saved your SHSH, you can still downgrade to iOS 4.3.3.

Even if the PDF exploit by Comex in JailbreakME.com provides a very simple jailbreak process, it also left users who haven’t used the jailbreak hanging in the air because of the two updates, iOS 4.3.4 and 4.3.5. There is only a little possibility that another untethered jailbreak will be developed prior to iOS 5 which will be coming in a couple of months. iOS 5 is expected to be a much-improved operating system for iDevices and probably a harder one to provide an untethered jailbreak in the future.

With a little time left before iOS 5 will be launched, we thought that iOS 4.3.4 will be the last update. For sure Apple has always a surprise not only for its loyal customers but also for its loyal jailbreakers.

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Source code released for JailbreakMe 3.0 by Comex

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JailbreakMe 3.0Comex released the source code of JailBreakMe 3.0 just like he had promised. Comex is well know in the jailbreaking community and he is particularly known for his JailbreakMe series of jailbreaking tools.

iOS hacker Complex has released the source code of his jailbreaking tool, JailbreakMe 3.0. The code will now allow those who are capable to read through it and understand how MailbreakMe works. The first version of this tool worked on iOS1.1.1 for the iPhone and iPad Touch. The secound version worked on  iOS 4.0 an all  iOS devices, and the third version was released a couple of weeks ago.

One must keep in mind that, in its current state, JailbreakMe doesn’t work on iOS 4.3.4. Apple updated the iOS firmware to plug the hole which Comex used in JailbreakMe. Apple not only plugged the PDF-exploit, but also i0n1c’s exploit which was used to perform untethered jailbreaks on iOS 4.3.x.

Jailbreaking enthusiasts are, of course, suggested to stay away from iOS 4.3.4, lest they want their untethered jailbreaking freedom taken away. For safety purposes, it is highly recommended you install PDF Patcher 2 which provides the same advantage as iOS 4.3.4 without being locked out of a untethered jailbreak.

JailbreakMe 3.0 the latest version of codenamed saffron works on all iOS devices that are running 4.3.3. It makes use of a PDF exploit found in mobile safari along with other magical techniques that makes it the fastest jailbreaking tool around. It was also the first tool which was able to jailbreak the iPad 2.

If you haven’t jailbroken yet, now its time to do so. Comex previously released the source code for jailbreakMe Star back in August and as promised he has also released the source code for saffron. The code allows the able hackers to go through Comex’s code and create their own tool. If your a hacker, then you must give this code a try and see if you can come up with any other new solution.

Apptivator, a jailbreak tweak

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Apptivator, a jailbreak tweak
Apptivator isn’t just a cute name but, its a fantastic jailbreak tweak that adds depth to still – useful, but along in tooth.

Activator is a chief element which acts as staple jailbreak tweak that allows you to perform actions on your iPhone using a variety of methods. You can customize actions for a swipe of the status bar or to double taps of the home button.

Most other tweaks rely on Activator most of the times. Apptivator, on the other hand, acts as a plugin to Activator, allowing you to use all of Activator’s features by just double tapping on the apps’ icons.

Apptivator never cease to amaze us. Every time we start it up, there’s always something that we can’t stop ourselves from trying out and reviewing new thinks. You can easily locate Apptivator in Cydia by simply searching for it. Apptivator allows your icons to do more, you can assign  Activator listeners to your application that you are more likely to use on regular basis. Its particularly useful if you have hundreds of application installed on your device and would want the favorite ones at the tip of your fingers.

Activator actions assigned directly to application icons open up a wealth of potential. For instance, it’s entirely possible to launch specific features of application just by double tapping the application in the question.

An example of this can be seen using it with biteSMS. With  simple applications of  Apptivator, you could assign the quick compose functionality direcltly to the biteSMS application icon, therefore allowing you to invoke quick compose with double tap of biteSMS application’s icon.Using Apptivator makes your work much simpler and more easier and interesting to work with.

That’s just one of many scenarios. I am sure with the use of this amazing Apptivator you can yourself innovate with lot of applications and come out with some additional innovate uses.

Apple is now on top in the Enterprise World

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During the past years, Research In Motion (RIM-maker of Blackberry) was always been the priority for the government and enterprise world because of its secured and solid email system. But now, it looks like their rank is now falling behind the rise of Apple in the two major arenas.

In a market that once dominated by RIM, a new report by Good.com states that “Apple is fast becoming the provider of choice for businesses”.  As RIM struggles in the declining number of sales in their smartphones and their newly launched Blackberry Playbook, Apple seems to fill the gaps while Android plays also a smaller part in the Enterprise world. 95% of tablet activations in the 2nd quarter of this year were with Apple’s iPad/iPad 2 while 3.1% from Androids. To sum up the report claimed by Good.com, there were more iPads activated during the period than the combined sales of Android tablets plus smartphones. Not bad for a device that has been designed supposedly for watching movies and browsing the web.

“In the second quarter of 2011, the most striking thing is Good’s users activated more iPad tablets than Android smartphones and tablets combined,” said John Herrema, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Good Technology. “While Android may be gaining smartphone market share with consumers, our business users are clearly gravitating to the iPad and doing so in large numbers. This is especially true in the Financial Services sector, which drove nearly half of all Good’s iPad activations over the quarter.”

An interesting report also was revealed that during the 2nd quarter, iPhones comprises about 66% of the total smartphones that were activated while android is at 33%. This points out that the combined manufacturers using Android OS was still below Apple’s numbers.

As the Fall approaches, will the new iPad with HD and the iPhone 4S/5 will be a killer to Android-based gadgets?