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Looptastic HD for your iPad

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Do you like electronic music? Do you like mixing up music and creating magic with you own stuff? Are you not very good at full fledged DJ tools like scratch pads but still have the talent to create great mixes? Or are you just another layman who just wants to pass time and have some fun messing around with music?

If you say yes to any of the above questions then Looptastic HD is the perfect app for you. This app runs only on iPad and has been created by Sound Trends. This app was ranked #8 grossing music app of the year 2010, and is rated 4+ currently. This app is a favorite among professionals as well.

Looptastic HD for your iPad

“From my layman’s perspective, Looptastic HD seems to have all the bases covered, catering to both dedicated musicians/DJs and casual geeks like myself. It has a truly wonderful interface that makes full use of the iPad’s capabilities. ”

—Chris Jensen, Infoaddict.com

“If you’re making loop-based music…Looptastic HD is the program to try first.”

—Tony Grund, Dubspot Reviews

The app lets you create your own remixes by mixing and matching tracks from your iPad’s library. You can run loops, add crazy effects, create tracks with a DJ style mixer. You can even record the music you have created and export them in CD ready audio formats or to your SoundCloud account. It has 900 inbuilt loop presets and all major dance styles are included in them, such as trance, Hip Hop, progressive house, breakbeat etc.,

Another cool and useful feature is the ability to sync the tempo of tracks wirelessly with other iOS apps running on other iOS devices. You can even sync with MAC applications like NEW Core. You are not restricted to MP3 formats. You can import (and export) loops of AIFF, WAV and OGG formats with the use of Easy web interface from your laptop or PC over Wi-Fi.

These are only some of the great features that Looptastic HD provides. There are many more which you will enjoy when you experience them. Show the world your talent.

Drawing Pad for iPad

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Drawing Pad for iPad

I remember the walls of my childhood home from photos. Covered with all kinds of color and pencil marks. This is something I’m sure is common among us all. If not on the wall, on paper. We all were great artists when we were kids, but somehow with time the artist in most of us disappeared somewhere. Those of you who have kids at home are reliving it partially. Have you asked yourself why we stopped living our lives like we used to then? There is nothing childish to scribble around. Well we can’t go scribbling around on walls of course. So here is something for those of us who are still young at heart and those who have young ones at home.

Drawing Pad is an iOS app designed for iPad by Darren Murtha Design. With this app you can scribble around as much as you want and never run out of space. Even save yours or your little one’s masterpieces in your iPad. This is a beautiful and simple app which is a must have for kids and at the same time, equally entertaining for adults as well.

The accolades for Drawing Pad speak for themselves. Besides being iPad app of the week, it was also the Apple staff favorite and was also featured in the Spotlight of the App Store.

Featured on nytimes.com (tinyurl.com/nytimes-drawingpad)

Featured on usatoday.com (tinyurl.com/usatoday-drawingpad)

Featured in November 2010 MacWorld Magazine in the UK 4 out of 5 stars

Awarded Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review

Featured on the iLounge 2011 Buyer’s Guide 100 Essential Apps of 2010!

Featured by iLounge as First runner up to kids’ iPad App of the Year!

Featured on Gizmodo’s 2010 Gift Guide (tinyurl.com/gizmodo-drawingpad)

9to5mac.com – “Drawing Pad is a fantastic drawing app!”

The fact that it is actually cheaper than a box of good quality crayons drives home the point and moreover, it will never run out of crayons.

It not only has crayons but also paint brushes and markers and stickers and beautiful backgrounds on which you can draw. It even lets you add coloring books from inside the application. Your kid can even practice writing on it. Another cool thing is the selection of tools. They are arranged in a drawer like thing inside the app and not in menus like most other apps.

There is more. You can post the creations on twitter or email as well.

The customers who are using this are all for this app. This is a must have app for all of us.

More details on the drawing pad.

djay for your iPad

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djay for iPad

The world of personal music was changed by the introduction of iPods, and with the coming of iPhone and iPod Touch devices the world of DJing was changed again. Next in line came the iPads. This was a whole new thing. DJing was revolutionised. Now anyone could become a DJ if they have an iPad. With so many DJ apps for iOS people are spoilt for choice. Not all are good.

One among these apps is ‘djay’ released by algoriddm, but this is not just another DJ app which is available. This one is in a level of it’s own. Many professional DJs and casual users agree.
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Just to give you an idea about this app’s popularity, here is a list of accolades for djay.

“One of the best iPad apps around.” — Macworld ★★★★½

“It’s going to revolutionize DJing as we know it.” — Powerpage/ZDNet

“One of the most impressive music apps we’ve seen for the iPad to date.” — Engadget

“It’s a lot of fun, and kept me up to 2 am.” — Wired

“Brings the fun of DJing to the iPad without compromise” — MacLife ★★★★★ (Rated: Awesome)

Now that is something, do you not agree.

The app has a hyper realistic full fledged DJ system. It makes use of the iPad’s library of course, giving you access to all your favorite tracks and playlists. The app boosts an ultra low latency converge which makes the experience of mixing truly professional, and with high quality. The app obviously has auto mixing functionality as well. The ease of use is another thing which will take you by surprise. Even an armature will be able to use it like a pro in no time at all.

Its also loaded with lots of features like looping, cue point trigger, mixer, tempo and EQ controls, full visual waveforms, Pitch-Bend, to name a few. It also supports popular audio formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF.

This is a 4+ rated DJing app, and is in a league of it’s own, and the customers agree with it totally. So go ahead and rock the floor with your ‘djay’ing.

Florida School Will be Giving Students iPads Instead of Textbooks This Year

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iPads in Florida High School

Lately, many educational institutes are trying to move away from the traditional methods of teaching towards other alternate methods, mostly with the use of computers and other gadgets.

Digitalizing education has many advantages over the traditional form of education. It makes studying as well as teaching more interactive and interesting. It has the ability to catch the attention of students by making learning more fun.

Another major advantage of e-learning is the use of digital text books. With almost every title being made available in digital formats it is only a matter of time before we can completely do away with physical books for education and adopt e-books.

About the gadgets that could be used to read these e-books, well you can not have tens of large desktops or laptops in a classroom. A tablet seems like a good idea, and which tablet could be more better suited than Apple’s iPad?

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The administration of Lake Minneola High School thinks so too. Yes that’s right. According to SunSentinel, Lake Minneola High School will be the first school in Central Florida to introduce iPads for teaching. The idea is to save money and paper used on textbooks and approach education in a whole new way. This idea is a part of the state’s pilot program and is sponsored by them as well.

The administrators have purchased 1,750 iPads for students and staff with the total cost coming up to $700,000. As part of the state’s program, the school has to report the money saved on textbooks and other stuff and the positive and negative impacts on the students, if any, at the end of the year. The school has to also monitor the grades of the students after the implementation of tablets.

Students are no doubt very excited but so are the teachers who have started planning teaching methods with the use of the iPads, which is going to make teaching and quizzing the students a lot easier.

Here’s to hope that soon education turns completely digital.

Roambi – Visualizer

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When anything and everything is getting mobile and becoming portable, it only makes logic that your business data should too. It can be extremely productive if all the business data could be held in the palm of your hand and shared anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

Roambi - VisualizerComes  Roambi Visualizer. It is an iOS app created by MeLLmo inc exclusively for a business person. Roambi is an interactive tool, a mobile dashboard which turns your iPhone into your mini business command center.

All the digital business data, be it in any form, a document file, an excel file etc., they are all converted into iPhone or iPad compatible, secure, interactive formats which you will be able to access on your iDevice for easy analysis and research and discuss it all with others.

A free Roambi application needs to be downloaded from there website http://www.roambi.com which converts all your reports and files into an interactive and arranged layouts which then needs to be transfered to your iPhone or iPad.

The file types supported as shown on the website are

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Docs
  • Salesforce CRM**
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • SAP BusinessObjects
  • BM Cognos
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Liferay Portal

Though, the free version only supports Excel, CSV, HTML.

As soon as the application is installed on to your device, sample files are downloaded automatically from the website. The graphs and charts in the app not only have a clean and clear look, but are also are interactive. It even shows sales analysis and lists of any kind because it is very customisable. Going through these sample files helps a lot in getting the user to understand how the app works. There is also a video tutorial provided which tells you how to use the application. That is pretty neat, don’t you think. check out roambi visualizer for yourself.

Control your desktop on your iPad

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In today’s world, a large part of our personal universe is stored away in our personal computers or laptops. Not just personal, even when it comes to small businesses, they reply heavily on their personal computers. So there always arises a need for us to access all these data and information stored away in our hard disks. It is not a problem when you are right there to access the data, but would it be not wonderful if you could access your computers remotely from anywhere and anytime using your iPhone or iPad.

Desktop Connect on iPad

The new iOS app by Antecea App called Desktop Connect lets you do just that. You might say that there are many such apps available in the iStore which give your iDevice that ability, but Desktop Connect is different. It is much more versatile, more elaborate, and gives more options and abilities to control your desktop. It takes remote desktop control with portable devices to a whole new level.

It is compatible with almost every desktop operating system out there. Be it Windows XP, Windows 7, etc., or MAC operating systems, and also Linux. Even the latest MAC OSX 10.7 Lion is supported.

And it’s not just your computer that you can control. You can control or view others working on any computer anywhere in the world to which you have been granted permission.

Desktop Connect automatically recognises all the computers in your network and this is probably the only remote desktop control app which supports Virtual Network Computing and Microsoft Remote Desktop.

There are a wide range of uses for this wonderful app. View Flash videos from websites, control media players, access documents and presentations, supervise someone at work while you are away… The list is endless

All it takes is a software to be installed on to the host computer which is available for free from their website and you are good to go. Desktop Connect even offers the latest security technologies to encrypt your data to keep it safe while you do your work. The current version is 4.2 and it offers multitasking on your desktop.

Here are some praises for Desktop Connect

“Behold! OSX on iPad! With Flash!” – boingboing.net

“good freedom to use a remote system at an excellent price” – Tweaktown.com

“Windows 7 on the iPad” – Gizmodo

“Five iPad apps to consider on your first day of ownership” – LA TIMES

“and just like that, flash on the ipad!” – technabob.com

Bloomberg for iPad

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Anybody who is seriously into buying and selling of stocks would know the importance of timely information that is appropriate too. Another major problem faced by these people is while they are travelling or are away from their computers, they dont have a computer to keep them updated. So how do they keep themselves updated about the latest news?

In the world of stock brokering, he who has the correct information at the right time is the winner. So how do you keep yourself abreast to the latest happenings even when are travelling? Here is an iOS app for those who are into stocks trading business, Bloomberg. This is an app which runs on your iPad. The current version out is version 1.0.5.

Bloomberg for iPad

The app looks clean and neat and pleasing to the eyes, and lets you know all the latest happenings in the market easily at a single glance anywhere you are, and the best part is that it is absolutely free.

Here is what the App’s page on iTunes has to say:

“Bring the power of the most trusted source for financial information to your iPad, along with tools to help you analyze the world’s markets. More than 300,000 professionals around the world trust Bloomberg to give accurate, timely information about the world’s financial markets. That source is now available to you on your iPad. Bloomberg offers news, stock quotes, company descriptions, market leaders/laggers, price charts, market trends analysis, and more. You are also able to create a customized list of stocks that you want to follow from markets around the world.”

Some users even claim that this is one of the top 5 news sources for the iPad. And the portfolio option is one feature which has caught many users’ attention. And if you are person who gets really annoyed by all those popup ads, then this may not the app for you. But trust me, you can live with a few poping ads.

So if you think you are in for this, you can download the Bloomberg app from the iTunes Store right now.

Apple May Release a Cheaper iPad This Year

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Cheaper iPad

iPad is the most desirable of the iDevices. But there are many who cannot afford something about the price range of an iPad. So this time around have their prayers been answered? An iPad much cheaper than the existing ones? Maybe. Rumors are flying around again. But this time about something other than how an iPhone 5 might look. Its about Apple gearing up for the launch of a new range of iPad device priced much lower than the existing iPads sometime at the end of this year. Apple is said to achieve this by partnering up with three new hardware companies. The plans of teaming up with three new partners is because this will help Apple to bring down manufacturing costs of the new iPad in talks, according to DigiTimes.

The main reason for the lower priced tablet is so that Apple would be in a stronger position to take on companies which are going to come up with tablets of their own priced at much cheaper prices compared to the current models of iPad.

“Apple is now more willing to adopt IC solutions from Taiwan-based IC design houses as it is adjusting the cost structure for iPad tablets in order to compete with an array of tablet PCs to be launched by rivals in the second half of 2011, commented the sources.”

This again goes against previous reports which had hinted towards Apple’s plan to release a Ratina Display equipped version of the iPad. Mainly aimed at professionals and enthusiast who demand a high resolution for their tablet. This comes in the form of iPad HD, which was expected to be released along with apps such as Final Cut.

What ever it is going to be, some version of iPad is almost surely expected to be released by the end of this year, or maybe even along with the launch of iPhone 5.

But whether it will be the budget model or the HD model we are not sure.

Perhaps Apple might release both models, only a few months apart from each other with the budget model balancing out the more expensive premium iPad HD. But all this does bring out a question. What happens to the current models which millions have bought. Outdated within a year. That does not sound good. That is the world of gadgets. Changing faster than the world of fashion.

Skyfire Launches VideoQ Flash Video Jukebox

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Ask someone who is against Apple’s iDevices, one of the things among the list of shortcomings they will mention is the inability of iDevices to play Adobe’s Flash videos. This is something many users of iDevices will agree with as well. Why Apple is stubborn about not bringing in the functionality into their devices is anybody’s guess.

Skyfire VideoQ Flash Video JukeboxBut now we have a solution to this problem. The solution comes in the name of Skyfire. Yes, the company famous for their mobile web browsers. They have announced a new iOS app which will let your iDevices play Flash.

Though currently this app is available to iStore markets of The United States and Canada, Skyfire will release it internationally soon. The app is called Skyfire VideoQ and it runs on both the iPad and the iPhone. The app can be yours for $2.99 and is sure to make you a happy iDevice user.

Here is how it works. The user needs to just send the link containing the flash video from the Safari browser to VideoQ via email. The links can then be accessed from inside the app any time later, enabling you to enjoy the video.

Skyfire, most famous for its mobile web browsers, has announced a new iOS app that promises to finally bring Flash to Apple’s mobile devices.

“With Skyfire VideoQ, iPhone & iPad users can finally access video designed for Adobe® Flash® Player from Safari, Opera and other previously unsupported mobile browsers. Skyfire VideoQ unlocks videos designed for Adobe® Flash® Player regardless of the mobile browser, allowing users to forward previously unwatchable videos from over 1 million websites directly to the app. Users can also use the Skyfire VideoQ as a locker to store videos for later viewing and sharing. Users have several easy options for sending videos to the VideoQ app from their browser of choice. A user can email the Web link to their unique VideoQ email address, paste a Web link into the app, or install a bookmarklet, which forwards videos to the VideoQ app for future watching.”

So finally iDevice fans have an answer to those who love to criticize it.

EA CEO: iPad is our Fastest Growing Platform

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EA and Apple's iPad

When was the last time we all got excited about the release of a new console. Your answer might be Sony’s PS3 or maybe Microsoft’s Xbox 360. But how long back was that. Sony’s PS3 was release in November 2006 which is more than 5 years back and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was unveiled oin May 2005 and that was nearly 6 years back. Other than Nintendo’s Wii U, there have been no news about new consoles hitting the market.

Now a days, all we get to hear are the release dates of newer and smarter smartphones and sleeker and futuristic tablets.

You get the point right? We might be entering a post-console era, created by Apple. IndustryGamers interviewed John Riccitello, the CEO of Electronic Arts. This person has been in the gaming industry for over 2 decades and according to him, the current market share of consoles is just 40%. This was once 80%, not too far in the past, in the year 2000. But now consumers are leaning towards portability.

An era which has changed the PC industry. The credit goes to Apple for ushering in the portable era by the introduction of iPads, its popular tablet. But unintentionally they might have also ushered in a Post-Console era.

With every major game being released on the iPads and iPhones, and many more smaller games being released everyday, this could very well turn out to be the gaming platform of the future.

“We have a new hardware platform and we’re putting out software every 90 days. Our fastest growing platform is the iPad right now and that didn’t exist 18 months ago. “

With the release of iOS 5 and its revolutionary AirPlay mirroring feature, you can even play games on large screens with the device acting as the console and control device in one.

We even have one iDevice acting as the controls for another iDevices.

Now with all these, it is left for us to decide. Do we really need the large stationary consoles or something we can carry around with us and have fun almost anywhere.