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New Jailbreak Tweak: iUsers for iPad Multiple Accounts

July 15, 2011  |  iPad Tweaks  |  Share

iPad are much like a portable PC or computer. As we are used with our desktop and laptop computers, we usually have multiple accounts when sharing this device to some family members or co-workers at the office. With different users in a single computer, different customization ideas are brought with each other, like themes, wallpapers or settings. So, how do you like to have this type of customization in your iPad?

With the iPad now widely being shared among family members and sometimes, friends who may borrow every now and then, we find it hassle to setup again the way we wanted our settings. This is one of the shortcomings from iOS that the jailbreak community has now come up to (maybe Apple will soon develop this in their coming iOS updates), the iUsers! Developed by Pedro Franceschi, iUsers is a jailbreak tweak that will provide multiple users on the iPad. Almost the same with your desktop running Windows or Mac, different users can now log-in to their own accounts with a passcode protected.

Though Apple designed the iPad to be for personal use, we cannot control the situations wherein some people will borrow our things. Besides, having this kind of app in an iPad may reduce the number of sales of iPad for every household (marketing strategy for Apple as usual.

To try iUsers in your iPad, add the following repo: http://cydia.iblogeek.com.

Make sure to backup first before trying this tweak. We are not so sure about how iTunes will react into this app, so please be careful and enjoy the goodness of iUsers from the jailbreak community.

The video below will show a demo from the developer itself about how iUsers work.

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