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New iPad 2 smart cover battery pack gives extra 4 hours of battery backup

August 28, 2011  |  iPad 2 Accessories  |  Share

Brando iPad 2 Smart cover Battery Pack

During the iPad 2 keynote, Steve Jobs announced that the then new iPad 2 would give you an awesome battery back of 10 hours. In real life, even if you dont get this much, you are sure to get over 9 hours, or at least 8 hours, right? Now, if you have a smart cover for your iPad 2, then would you mind getting another 4 hours of battery backup?

Yes, Brando has come up with a new battery pack for your iPad 2′s smart cover which is promised to give you an extra 4 hours of battery backup, just like that. If you have no idea what smart cover is, its the same one which Steve Jobs announced in the iPad 2 keynote. It is a cover for your iPad 2 with magnets, which fits perfectly and covers the display. It is also capable of turning off and on the display just perfectly.

Now this battery pack from Brando is of the perfect size and shape to be fixed on the smart cover, because it has been made to do that. Now once you have done that, you have an extra 4 hours in your smart cover. But what amazes me is the price that the smart cover battery pack is being sold for, just $38! Dont you think its a bit too cheap for the technology?

This is what happens when a good technology is being sold for less money. But we cant be too sure to buy it anyway. The Brando battery pack for your iPad 2′s smart cover is available here, and you can also order it. But be sure, we are not asking you to buy this or not to buy this. This is your decision and we are not responsible it it doesn’t work or something bad happens.

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