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NBA2K12 can be the best basketball game for the iPad

October 1, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share


There are a lot of basketball games for the iOS platform and there may be one or two games more for the iPad compared to the iPhone. But how many of them are so special that you will do almost anything sane to get them on your device? Apple is announcing the iPhone 5 next week (hopefully) and it brings the still in beta iOS 5 to the market. Most of us are already on it, sure, but the public release is not yet out.

But it seems like Apple is not the only company announcing its next big thing next week. 2K Sports seems to have a thing of their own to showcase. You know it already, it is the NBA2K12. You may think that it is just another mobile NBA game, but think again, this may have some thing different. But what is it?

Well, NBA2K12 is the first mobile sports game to feature Michael Jordan. Actually, you have a whole mode in the game which revolves around him. And its called the Jordan Challenge. You may have played it on the console version of the game. You get to relive the 10 greatest performances that Jordan has played. CNET says the following:

“The graphics are what you’d expect on an iOS device for a sports game. Player models are decent, but player faces mapped onto a generic shaped head can look pretty bad at times. What’s most important is the gameplay, and 2K12 plays smoothly; players on the floor are well spaced and the animations are great. Basketball is more than just dunking, and it’s not that easy to get to the rim if you want to show off. The broadcast-TV-style presentation really separates it from other iOS sports games, with full commentary and replays that add extra polish.”

If you want it, you will have to wait till next week when the company will release it.

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