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Makayama’s Movie Mount makes your iPad a professional video camera

September 4, 2011  |  iPad 2 Accessories  |  Share

Makayama's Movie Mount for iPad 2

iPhone 4 has an awesome camera which takes great stills and the HD video recording on the smartphone has taken it to great extents. If you take Flickr’s words for it, iPhone 4 is the smartphone which is used to take the most pics in the world which are uploaded onto Flickr’s servers. That way, its used just more than any other camera in the world.

Apple definitely did a great job with the camera on the iPhone 4. But I dont know why, the company left the iPad 2, the iPhone’s bigger brother, without these capabilities. Its true that the iPad 2 has two cameras, one in the front and one in the back. But if you have an iPad 2, you will know how good these cameras are. The front camera is just enough for making video calls, and the rear camera can be used to take some good snaps here and there at times when you dont have your iPhone 4 near you. But other than than, you cant build great memories like you do with the iPhone 4.

But still, if you are just too much into iPad 2′s camera, then here is an accessory which I guess you will love for sure. Makayama, the iDevice accessory manufacturers and app makers, have come up with a new accessory for the iPad 2 called the Movie Mount. The Movie Mount, as the name says it, is a mount for the iPad 2 which will help you make movies on it.

The Movie Mount is kind of a tripod for the iPad 2 which when assembled gives more potential than you expect. You can then a range of other accessories for the iPad 2 to being shooting, like lenses, lights, and so on. You can definitely become an almost-pro film maker with the set.

“The Movie Mount is a unique piece of hardware which allows you to radically improve video capture with the iPad2. It turns your iPad into a complete studio. Use tele- and wide angle lenses, attach microphones and lights. Use a tripod for super stable shots and much more. Comes with a free app.”

If you are interested, you can pre-order your set now.

“Only $ 69.95 / EUR 49.95 EUR, including taxes and shipping worldwide. First deliveries will begin october 2011.”

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