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LG and Sharp will build iPad 3 display units

August 23, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share

iPad 3 Display

Samsung was the prime supplier of display units for almost all of Apple’s iDevices, including the latest Retina displays for the iPhone 4. But for some time now, starting in the month of April this year, Apple and Samsung have not had a very good professional relationship. Apple has been suing Samsung over a range of patent infringements.

Apple has been saying that Samsung has copied the designs and looks of Apple’s tablet, the iPad, and Apple’s smartphone, the iPhone, to make its own smartphones and tablets, Samsung Galaxy branded phones and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet respectively. Apple has been filing cases against Samsung in almost all countries where Samsung planned to launch its new tablet, like Australia and some European countries. This lead to the delayed launch of the tablet in these countries. So its been a rough time for the companies.

When this is the situation, its hard to expect the two companies to work together on the partnership for the display units, and even Apple thinks the same. So its been on the lookout for new suppliers for the display units for its new iDevices, starting with the iPad 3, which is rumored to be released next year.

In this regard, Apple has been testing out display units from some new suppliers, namely LG and Sharp, to see if these companies fit the quality and the budget range of Apple. And now, according to DigiTimes, it seems so. The blog says that Apple has chosen LG as the prime supplier of the display units for iPad 3, and Sharp is also going to replace Samsung for the second place.

“Sharp stands a chance of overtaking the Korea competitor if it is able to run stable supplies of quality panels.”

But in this report, there was no news about the Retina display for the iPad 3. According to some of the latest rumors, the iPad 3 will have the Retina display with some improved resolution compared to the first and second generation of iPads. Lets wait and see how well this goes.

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