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Jailbreak Only: FaceBreak – Another Way To Use FaceTime Over 3G

August 3, 2011  |  iPad Tweaks  |  Share
Jailbreak Only: FaceBreak - Another Way To Use FaceTime Over 3G

FaceTime over 3G

FaceTime app on the iPhone 4 was probably the most exciting new update that Apple brought on when it released iPhone 4, the other being the Retina Display. The FaceTime brought fast, smooth, and crisp video calling to iDevice users and everyone loved it.

Once the initial excitement died down though, people realised FaceTime’s short comings. You cannot make video calls to any other device using FaceTime, meaning FaceTime comes in handy only if the other person is using an iPhone 4 or an iPad, or an the new iPod Touch as well.

Apart from this, there was another major shortcoming in FaceTime app. It can run over only a Wi-Fi connection, and not over a 3G connection. That means FaceTime comes in useful only when you are at home or a Wi-Fi hotspot. What about when you are travelling or any place without Wi-Fi?

There is a solution to this though. If your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken, you can still make FaceTime work over a 3G network. Many tweaks available in Cydia have already made Voice Over Internet Protocol possible over a 3G networks. One such example of a tweak is the VoIPover3G. This makes many applications which run only over Wi-Fi, run over 3G network. It basically fools them into thinking that they are connected to a wireless network.

In case this application does not work for you, there is another alternate for it. It is called FaceBreak. This app is available is in Cydia as well, and will definitely make it possible for you to make FaceTime video calls over a 3G network. It will cost you $1.49, but will get some bonuses. FaceBreak reduces the consumption of your iPhone 4’s memory when using FaceTime. It also displays a pop up message while using FaceTime, reminding you that FaceBreak is activated. This will prevent you from crossing over your data usage limit on FcaeTime over 3G. Do give it a try and tell us what you feel.

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