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iPad Tip: A Fix for When Photos Won’t Save to the Camera Roll

August 10, 2011  |  iPad Tweaks  |  Share

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Sometimes, there are possibilities that after Jailbreaking your iPad, it might have started functioning improperly. The usual solution to any problem that might be effecting your iDevice is complete restoration of the device using iTunes. There are instances though, when even a system restore has been unable to resolve an issue.

One such issue is with photos not getting saved on to the Camera Roll of the iPad. The issue is sometimes caused after a jailbroken device has been restored back to Stock. The iPad suddenly loses it’s ability to save pictures on to the Camera Roll and it becomes almost impossible to rectify this problem, since even restore does not resolve the issue.

There is, however, a relatively simple solution to this annoyance. Before proceeding with the solution procedure, there are a few basic things you should take care of first.

You should make sure to back up all the data and sync your iPad with iTunes. Once all the data in the iPad is safe, you can go ahead do anything that needs to be done to resolve the problem

The solution lies in deleting a certain folder in the file system. The folder name is 100Apple and the complete path to find the folder is: /Media/DCIM/100Apple. 100 Apple is the folder where the Camera Roll pictures are saved. If the folder is deleted, the iOS automatically creates a new 100Apple folder. Once the old folder has been replaced, the problem ceases to exist and you will once again be able to save photos on to the camera Roll. Another question here is, how to access the 100Apple folder? This can be easily done with a simple app called iPhone Explorer. This app exposes the whole File System letting you modify the files inside. Be careful not to modify or delete any other file in the File System as this could result in your iPad getting bricked.

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