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iPad HD is coming

August 3, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share

iPad HD

I am tired of talking about iPhone 5 and speculating about it’s release dates. It is in every tech website and magazine and newspaper column. So let us stop talking about Apple’s iPhone 5 shall we?… and lets start talking about Apple’s iPad.

When the iPad first came to the market it started a whole new era of tablets. People started about how tablets will replace laptops and stuff like that. iPad was such an amazing gadget that it finally attained the break through which tablets had never previously succeeded in gaining. The iPad had every thing, sleek, slim and a polished look with almost all the capabilities of a laptop and a smart phone. Then came along iPad 2. With it’s camera and face time apps it was even better than the original iPad, and it was even better to look at. So what is next?

Well, one think about the iPad that has always puzzled me is its almost square screen and comparatively low resolution. ( I am not complaining here that the display looks bad ). At a time when HD displays and videos are ruling the entertainment world why did Apple not release the iPad in wide screen display in the first place i am not sure. But i think Apple might soon make up for that by releasing iPad HD.

Apple is rumored to launch iPad HD either in the month of September or in the month of October. iPad HD will not be the next generation iPad but just an upgrade of Apple’s existing iPad 2. The major change in iPad HD of course will be it’s HD display. At 2048 x 1536 it is not exactly HD but still packs twice the resolution of iPad 2. Retina display may or may not feature on the iPad HD. It is sure to be priced higher than iPad 2 and will be aimed at professionals such as artsits and video editors.

With iPad 3 rumored to be released in early 2012, Apple is sure to dominate the tablet market for a long time.

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