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iPad finds home in the US Marines Air Defense Team

September 19, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share

iPad with U.S. Marines Air Defense Team Replaces

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of military and other defense units of various countries adopting latest technology and scraping the traditional paper technology. Some have replaced air plane user manuals which weigh pounds to ebooks for the iPad and each pilot now just carrier an iPad every time he sits in the seat of a pilot.

The iPads have even replaced the traditional maps which are huge and made of paper. The Maps app on the iPad is great enough and adding customs features to it makes it just awesome for the military. In the same regard, the US Marines is the new team to get on board. The 3rd Aircraft Wing of the U.S. Marines has made a purchase of 32 iPads, and these will go to the Light Attack Helicopter Squadron (HLMA).

The team has spent about $20,000 for the iPads and other accessories that go with the iPad.

The brass was wary when they first heard what Carlson and his fellow pilots were up to at Camp Bastion in Helmand province. They weren’t sure if a commercial product was secure enough to handle in-combat transmission (though only non-classified maps were being stored on the devices). But about a year later, the brass appears to be on-board — at least on a trial basis — and the commanding officer of HMLA-267 told Defense News that iPads have sped up communications by about 15 minutes during close-air missions. Now ground and air can simply confirm they are fingering the same building on their tablet and fire.”

iPads are also helping speed up the communication in the military. And though 15 minutes may not seem anything amazing to you, but when you are in a war, that must make a difference. And I dont think Steve Jobs had ever thought that the iPad will ever reach this level.

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