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iNVADERCADE wants the iPad gaming share

September 12, 2011  |  iPad 2 Accessories  |  Share


Recently, we saw Atari release an iPad gaming console for its games. We also have the iCade for some time which is considered the best in the category as it uses Bluetooth to communicate with the iPad 2, hence making it more flexible. Another feature is that it supports landscape games, unlike the Atari console.

But now, it seems like there is a new contender for the category, and this time its from the far East. Japanese game development firm Taito is coming up with a new gaming console for the iPad 2 which is inspired by the classic hit Space Invaders. And yeah, if you are wondering, Space Invaders has been developed by Taito only.

The iNVADERCADE is so inspired by the game it supports only that game, I guess. Though I’m not sure on that one, I can argue for that as the console has only one button or controller. And tell me one game other than Space Invaders where you will you be able to play with just one controller.

There is one more uncertain thing. It is still not clear if the console uses Bluetooth or the 30-pin dock connector for the communication between the console and the iPad. There is no official info available on this. This leaves you thinking if the console will be able to support landscape games, if it is capable of supporting any other game than the Space Invaders.

But one good thing is that the console has a built in headphone jack a volume controller if you want to enjoy your game in silence (for others). Now, its time to talk about the important thing, the price of this console. You can have one of these iNVADERCADE for ¥15,800, which is $200, yeah, 200 bucks. This is like more than double of the popular iCade or the new Atari.

But if you are interested to buy this one, I guess you will have to order it from Japan, as there are no words again about the device being sold in the Western part of the world.

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