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Google+ App Updated – Adds (less than full) iPad Support

August 9, 2011  |  iPad Apps  |  Share

Google+ Updated for iPad

After the nearly endless list of social networking sites’ apps on the Apple App Store, a new contender came into the battle. This time around it was Google+. Just as all these social networking apps have ‘fights’ in the outside world concerning which site is better, there is fierce competition within the App Stores of the mobile devices regarding which social networking app is better designed and give a better user experience.

Google+ entered the race comparatively late and has a lot of catching up to do. When the Google+ app was first released on the Apple App Store, for reasons no one knows, the app was compatible only with iPhone. When I say iPhone, it is only iPhone and not even the iPod Touch. It does not make sense since any app which runs on the iPhone automatically runs on iPod Touch as well. After all, the Touch is an iPhone without the phone.

With the new update (Version to the app however, Google+ becomes compatible with both the iPod Touch and the iPad. Sadly, even if the app is compatible with the iPad, it is still not optimised for the iPad. Now it just runs on the iPad where as previously it would not even open. If you open the app on the iPad, you see the app floating in mid screen. You can double the tiny app in size but it still is not good enough. iPad definitely needs an iPad only version and not an iPhone version which just opens on the iPad. It does not even have landscape mode. Hope Google soon comes up with a better app custom made for the iPad, making use of it’s amazing features.

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