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Fix iOS 4.3.3 Vulnerability with isslfix

August 14, 2011  |  iPad Tweaks  |  Share

isslfix for iOS

Many of us have own iDevices, be it the iPhone or iPod Touch or the iPad. Some of us have even jailbroken our iDevices and have been enjoying the many benefits that come with jailbreaking an iDevice, but how many of us have actually bothered to think how a jailbreaking application jailbreaks?

Jailbreaking is possible due to the flaws in the iOS architecture. The one that JailbreakMe.com took advantage of to jailbreak iOS 4.3.3 is actually (or was in some cases) found in Mobile Safari. The security flaw in Mobile Safari can be exploited by a “maliciously crafted PDF file”, giving access to iOS system files which can then be manipulated. This is exactly what JailbreakMe 3.0 did to jailbreak iOS 4.3.3. This flaw however, was almost immediately patched by Apple in their subsequent iOS versions.

If you are thinking that, well, there was a flaw and jailbreakMe took advantage of it and Apple patched it and that is the end of the story, then you are mistaken. This same flaw can also be exploited by others to gain control over your iDevice. This will not be a concern if you have already updated you iOS with the latest version, since it has already been patched. But what about those people who never updated there iOS fearing their jailbreak will be lost? These iDevices still have the flaw in them and hence are vulnerable. If you are worried that updating your device and losing the jailbreak is the only way to overcome the flaw, then you are wrong.

isslfix is a free patch released by @Onaj, which is available from Cydia through the BigBoss repo, which will solve your problem forever. All you need to do is download it and install the patch and it will patch up the security flaw in iOS. This will probably render your iOS as safe as Apple’s patch and the best part is that you can continue using your jailbroken iDevice.

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