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Facebook may launch the iPad app at the iPhone 5 event

September 27, 2011  |  iPad Apps  |  Share

Facebook iPad app launch

There have been talks about Facebook releasing an iPad app for a few months now. But nobody had any idea about when the social networking giant may actually release the app, until recently when Mashable broke the silence with a very surprising yet interesting news. According to the report on the blog, Facebook may launch the iPad app at the iPhone 5 event.

Dont get shocked, what you read is perfectly correct. According to the reports, Facebook may actually join hands with its rival, Apple, and announce the iPad app for the social network at the iPhone 5 event, which is scheduled to be sometime in the next week. This actually might be true, as Robert Scoble has reported last week on his Google Plus account that he had been hearing about this for quite some time.

“By the way, I heard a rumor from a usually credible source that Facebook may not announce an iPad app tomorrow, but will save it for October 4th instead. Now THAT will be very interesting news, since I know Apple really hates Facebook. But, who does Apple hate more than Facebook? Google.”

One more interesting thing to note here is that this news came on Mashabe the same day the Lead Developer for the Facebook iPad app quit the company. And are you wondering why he quit Facebook? Well, he said that he is quitting because the app is still not released even though it has been ready for over 4 months.

The timing indicates that Mashable may have some contact with this former lead designer at Facebook. Anyway, there are also news or rumors that the Facebook and Apple collaboration in this way might be for the Spartan, it is still foggy though.

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