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Enjoy Shark Week all year round with Ultimate Sharks iPad app

August 3, 2011  |  iPad Apps  |  Share

Ultimate Sharks iPad app

Ultimate Sharks is an app which will surely get animal lovers like me and shark lovers in particular very excited. After the release of Shark Week Live for iPhone Discovery has now released Ultimate Sharks, the ultimate app to gain a lot of knowledge about these greatly misunderstood sea creatures.

“Ultimate Sharks immerses you in the predatory world of the ocean’s deadliest sharks – as only Discovery can. Designed specifically for the iPad, you’ll experience interactive 3D sharks, hours of exclusive HD video, and hundreds of stunning high-resolution photos.”

Just like it promises, the app comes loaded with content which will keep you occupied for a long time. It has information about 10 of the world’s most deadliest shark species such as the Great White, hammerhead and others.

It has 3D interactive sharks which you can control with your fingers. It is great fun to make the sharks hunt and swim around.

Discovery also lets you watch some exclusive shark videos which come right from Discovery’s amazing video collections. The videos are narrated by Mike Rowe of the Dirty Jobs fame. Along with the videos, you also get to see 250 high resolution photos shot by some of the world’s most famous wildlife photographers.

There are also some real life incidents of shark attacks on humans. Finally, 75 screen worth of text content to read and some interactive maps and informative graphics.

The app is Air Play enabled which means that you can share all the content of the app on the large screen and watch the videos on large HDTVs.

The Ultimate Sharks app is available only for your iPad and you can buy it from the Apple App Store for $4.99.

This app is sure to give you the creeps some times but also teaches you a lot about these magnificent creatures.

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