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Drawing Pad for iPad

July 31, 2011  |  iPad Apps  |  Share

Drawing Pad for iPad

I remember the walls of my childhood home from photos. Covered with all kinds of color and pencil marks. This is something I’m sure is common among us all. If not on the wall, on paper. We all were great artists when we were kids, but somehow with time the artist in most of us disappeared somewhere. Those of you who have kids at home are reliving it partially. Have you asked yourself why we stopped living our lives like we used to then? There is nothing childish to scribble around. Well we can’t go scribbling around on walls of course. So here is something for those of us who are still young at heart and those who have young ones at home.

Drawing Pad is an iOS app designed for iPad by Darren Murtha Design. With this app you can scribble around as much as you want and never run out of space. Even save yours or your little one’s masterpieces in your iPad. This is a beautiful and simple app which is a must have for kids and at the same time, equally entertaining for adults as well.

The accolades for Drawing Pad speak for themselves. Besides being iPad app of the week, it was also the Apple staff favorite and was also featured in the Spotlight of the App Store.

Featured on nytimes.com (tinyurl.com/nytimes-drawingpad)

Featured on usatoday.com (tinyurl.com/usatoday-drawingpad)

Featured in November 2010 MacWorld Magazine in the UK 4 out of 5 stars

Awarded Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review

Featured on the iLounge 2011 Buyer’s Guide 100 Essential Apps of 2010!

Featured by iLounge as First runner up to kids’ iPad App of the Year!

Featured on Gizmodo’s 2010 Gift Guide (tinyurl.com/gizmodo-drawingpad)

9to5mac.com – “Drawing Pad is a fantastic drawing app!”

The fact that it is actually cheaper than a box of good quality crayons drives home the point and moreover, it will never run out of crayons.

It not only has crayons but also paint brushes and markers and stickers and beautiful backgrounds on which you can draw. It even lets you add coloring books from inside the application. Your kid can even practice writing on it. Another cool thing is the selection of tools. They are arranged in a drawer like thing inside the app and not in menus like most other apps.

There is more. You can post the creations on twitter or email as well.

The customers who are using this are all for this app. This is a must have app for all of us.

More details on the drawing pad.

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