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Double At: Use the power of’@’

August 15, 2011  |  iPad Apps  |  Share

Double At for iOS

If there is one thing that I have felt annoying while anything using the on screen keyboard of the iOS is the inability to access the ‘@’ key at once when ever i have to use my email-id, and this is quite often since most of my user names for websites is my e-mail ID. I have been hoping for a Jailbreak tweak which would resolve my issue and finally one has come out.

This Jailbreak app is called Double At and has been released by iSam. The tweak is a small and nifty one and am sure you have guessed by now what the app does. It helps you by letting you avoid typing the lengthy e-mail IDs. Instead, the app does the job for you. The way the app accomplishes this is very simple. You just have to tap the ‘@’ key twice on the on screen keyboard or an external keyboard if you use one and your e-mail ID will appear in the text field immediately.

If you are wondering how the app knows what your e-mail ID is, it is simple. You tell it your e-mail ID, in the Settings App. Before the application works it’s magic, you have to type your e-mail ID in the Settings App once. This does not mean that the text you add in Settings has to be your e-mail ID or anyone else’s. In fact, it does not have to be an e-maol ID at all. Any text that you add in the Settings App will appear in all the text fields as soon as you tap the ‘@’ symbol on the on scree keyboard.

There are apps such as Xpandr, which perform the same task, but then these apps are not as simple as Double At. Double At is available in Cydia and is a free download.

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