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Disney changes the world of gaming on the iPad

September 30, 2011  |  iPad 2 Accessories  |  Share
Disney changes the world of gaming on the iPad

We have seen a lot of games on the iPad, and a lot of games including cars as well. We have had car races, and games in which you use cars to commute in a city, and stuffs like that. But have you ever used a car “on the iPad” to play a game? I’m not asking you to drive your actual car on your iPad, this game is not a crash test for the durability of your iPad. But I’m talking about using toy cars to drive around on the iPad.

If you are a fan of animated movies, you will for sure know about Cars, and Cars 2. Yes, those are two great movies, dont you think? If so, you will be happy to know that Disney has brought these movies to the Apple iPad in the form of a game, and its nothing like any other game you have seen on the iPad. I’m not talking about the graphics and stuff, those are great, but the game actually uses physical toy cars to play the game. You can use these cars on the screen of your iPad to play the game. There is no hassle of pairing those cars via Bluetooth, or hooking them to the home network Wi Fi to connect to the iPad. You just place them on the iPad and they get detected.

The best part is, the iPad detects which car you have placed on the iPad’s display and changes the environment in the game accordingly. So its not a multitouch capacitve wheels that the cars are using, there is some kind of actual communication between the cars and the iPad.

“The game is supposed to react precisely to a player’s movements, and during Decrem’s short demonstration it did, for the most part. For example, as he approached a mirror in the game, he was able to see the reflection of the car he was holding.”

If you want this game, you will have to wait till tomorrow and buy it on Apple Store or Disney Store.

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