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Control your desktop on your iPad

July 30, 2011  |  iPad Apps  |  Share

In today’s world, a large part of our personal universe is stored away in our personal computers or laptops. Not just personal, even when it comes to small businesses, they reply heavily on their personal computers. So there always arises a need for us to access all these data and information stored away in our hard disks. It is not a problem when you are right there to access the data, but would it be not wonderful if you could access your computers remotely from anywhere and anytime using your iPhone or iPad.

Desktop Connect on iPad

The new iOS app by Antecea App called Desktop Connect lets you do just that. You might say that there are many such apps available in the iStore which give your iDevice that ability, but Desktop Connect is different. It is much more versatile, more elaborate, and gives more options and abilities to control your desktop. It takes remote desktop control with portable devices to a whole new level.

It is compatible with almost every desktop operating system out there. Be it Windows XP, Windows 7, etc., or MAC operating systems, and also Linux. Even the latest MAC OSX 10.7 Lion is supported.

And it’s not just your computer that you can control. You can control or view others working on any computer anywhere in the world to which you have been granted permission.

Desktop Connect automatically recognises all the computers in your network and this is probably the only remote desktop control app which supports Virtual Network Computing and Microsoft Remote Desktop.

There are a wide range of uses for this wonderful app. View Flash videos from websites, control media players, access documents and presentations, supervise someone at work while you are away… The list is endless

All it takes is a software to be installed on to the host computer which is available for free from their website and you are good to go. Desktop Connect even offers the latest security technologies to encrypt your data to keep it safe while you do your work. The current version is 4.2 and it offers multitasking on your desktop.

Here are some praises for Desktop Connect

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