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Comics for iPad

August 7, 2011  |  iPad Apps  |  Share

Comics for iPadI am a huge comic book fan with a not so small collection of comic books on my hard disk. Yes, digital copies and not the hard copies. Makes it much easier to store and manage and read. If you are a comic book fan too and prefer digital copies over and own an iPad as well, then I suggest you take a look at this app here called Comics, developed by ComiXology.

The app can be used on iPhones and iPod Touches, but reading digital comics feels and looks the best on an iPad. A disadvantage with maintaining a collection with hard copies is that you do not realise when a certain issue has been released in the market. You might manage to keep a track of a few but with the sheer number of issues that get released every day, it becomes a tedious job. This app here solves that problem for you. All the latest releases and series get displayed in a nice and attractive layout making it extremely easy for you to browse through them. Another advantage with Comics is that issues from all your favorite publishers can be found in a single place. No more running around from store to store searching for the book you are looking for.

Some of the publishers included in Comics are

• Marvel Comics

• DC Comics

• Image Comics

• BOOM Studios

• Dynamite Entertainment

• Red 5


• Zenescope

and are a dozen or more.

This has perhaps the largest collection of digital comics. The genres available here for reading are as wide as the publishers that are available.

Coming back to the easy and fun way of reading comics on an iPad, ComiXology makes it even better. Comics uses a technology called Guided View™ Technology. This makes it extremely easy to read, with each block or scene appearing on the screen at a time and sometimes for very large image the screen moves from one part to the other. You will just love it once you start reading it. Some might even feel it looks better than on an actual physical copy.

There are a few negative things about this app though. Some will find the prices of issues expensive. Regarding the app itself, it takes a long time to load since it updates itself every single time it is opened, and the major issue is with storage. It does not give the option to download the purchased comics on to your hard disk, and it is not limited by your device’s storage space either, but by a limit in the app itself. That is certainly not convenient.

It is left for you to decide if you rate the advantages over the disadvantages and go ahead and buy it.

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