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Siri coming to iPad 2

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The most exciting feature of the Apple iPhone 4S at the moment is Siri, the virtual assistant. As it is supported only in iOS 5 at the moment, the hope is that it will be coming to the iPad and iPad 2 soon. Hackers have been even able to import Siri to the iPhone 4. Now, it’s the iPad 2′s turn to get the famous virtual assistant – Siri.

Developers have also ported Siri on the first generation jailbroken iPad, but it is facing some connectivity problems. The virtual assistant is unable to connect to Apple Servers in many cases. Developers are continuously trying to solve this problem.

With the upcoming thrill and increasing excitement for Siri, it is obvious that the iPad 2 will get it too very soon.

Let’s take a look at what Siri does and why it is so discussed!

Siri was introduced in iOS 5 on the Apple iPhone 4S. It is the most important distinction between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. It is capable of doing anything from setting up reminders to opening up your bookmarks in the web browser, just with simple voice commands.

The assumptions are that Apple will shortly release an iOS 5 update that will enable the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 to run Siri officially.

The question now is whether developers can successfully port Siri to the jailbroken iPad 2 first or if Apple will release a patch for other iOS 5 devices before that happens.

Setup Wi-Fi Sync on your iPad on iOS 5

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iPad 2 iOS 5 Wi-Fi Sync

One great feature in the iOS 5 that will help you be more wireless in your life is the new Wi-Fi sync capability. This feature will let you update your photos, musics, apps, movies, videos and other libraries on your iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and your PC so that they are all synced to reflect any changes you make on either of the devices. This is great feature. This will relieve you of the tension of connecting your iPad or iPhone 4 and 4S also for that matter, to your PC using the sync or charge cable and copy everything manually to update your files.

For this however, you will have enable the feature on iTunes as well. And whenever you connect your iPad, or your iPhone 4 or 4S, to a power outlet, the device will connect to your Wi-Fi network and sync everything by it self, so that you dont have the tension of syncing everything. You can also, however, do it manually by going to Setting, then the General tab, then iTunes Wi-Fi Sync, and tapping the Sync Now button. To enable all this, you will have to follow the steps given below:

    • Connect your iPad to your PC via USB / sync cable.
    • In the Devices section in the left-hand pane of the iTunes window, click on your iPad’s name and you’ll see it highlighted in blue
    • Then in the main window of iTunes scroll down just a bit so you can see the Options section
    • You should see that the second checkbox under Options is ‘Sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi’ – click on that to make it checked / selected.
Once you are done with this, you can give it a try by connecting your iPad 2 running iOS 5 to a power outlet. The iPad 2 has to automatically sync everything from your PC’s iTunes library. Enjoy being wireless.

Magnifier for Safari

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Magnifier for Safari

Reading small text is difficult. Reading small text on an iPad’s screen is also some what insane. Sure, Safari allows for pinch to zoom, but what if you just want to magnify your text old-school style? Sadly, there’s no default provision to do so.

As always, that’s where the jailbreak community comes in. This latest tweak — Magnifier for Safari — makes it really simple to dynamically boost the size of your text.

Available to all iPad owning jailbreakers on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99, Magnifier for Safari adds an Adjust FontSize option to Safari’s share menu.

Tapping this new option enables a sliding magnification scale, which changes the text size of the web page you’re visiting on the fly.

If you’re on iOS 4 or higher, and you’re eyes are beginning to hate your habits, check out Magnifier for Safari and let us know what you think.

Download US-only free apps from the App Store from outside US

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Download US only apps from App StoreIf you are staying outside of US and have an iPad, you might have come across a few free apps which are meant to be downloaded only within the United States. You will not find any way to download it outside of the United States. There are many such paid apps as well. But the fact that those apps are really awesome tempts you more to get them on your iPad. If you are in such a situation, here is an easy way to get those free US-only apps on your iPad, even if you are staying out of the US.

To begin with, you’ll need a new email ID, or any existing email ID which you are not using with Apple services as an Apple ID. If you dont have any such email ID, you can try and create one with free services such as GMail or Yahoo! We’ll call this your secondary email ID in the rest of this post. Once you have this ready, proceed to the next step.

First, open App Store on your iPad, then make sure you are at the featured section. Then, scroll down the page, you will see an option to log out of the App Store. Hit that button and log out. You now dont have any account which is associated with the App Store. Now search a free app in the App Store which is downloadable only in the US. Click on download in the app page. The App Store will now ask you to sign in with your Apple ID. Now tap on the create new ID button and enter your secondary email ID. The App Store will ask you to complete the sign up process. Do it. During this process, when the App Store asks you to select your country, select United States even though you are not living in the US.

Then, when the process asks you to enter your credit card details, select none. You’ll get a confirmation mail in your secondary email ID inbox. Click on that and verify your email ID. Now you are good to go. You can download any free app which is restricted to be downloaded only in the US.

‘LockGestures’ Adds Multitouch Gestures to Your Lockscreen

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LockGestures for iPad

Jailbreak tweaks are almost always fun to use. It kind of brings your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch alive. As I was browsing through YouTube, looking for cool jailbreak apps, I came across this app called LockGestures. As I read through the comments, I came across this one which read:

“Soon we’ll need a lockscreen for our lockscreen,”

The statement explains it all about what the jailbreak tweak is. Watching the video left me amazed. This is one of the coolest jailbreak tweaks I have come across for some time now.

iOS’s lock screen is very simple when compared to some of the other smart phones which have there screens filled with widgets. Well, I am not telling I want my iPod’s screen to look so unorganised, but all I am telling is, it would be nice if iOS’s lock screen did more than just unlock the iDevice. Don’t you think so?

With LockGestures, the iOS lock screen will no longer remain the same. You can make your lock screen do a whole variety of stuffs. The lock screen will respond to a whole range of gestures, with each gesture performing a certain task which can be set by you.

Once the tweak has been installed, go to the Settings app. This is where you get to set the tasks for each gesture. The different gestures supported by LockGesture are:

  • Tap 3 times with one finger
  • Double tap with one finger
  • Single tap with two fingers
  • Swipe upwards with one finger
  • Swipe downwards with one finger
  • Swipe one finger right
  • Swipe one finger left
  • Pinch and
  • Tap one finger and hold for 1.5 sec or more.

Each of these gestures ca be turned ON or OFF and each can be assigned a task such as increase or decrease screen brightness, fire up an application of your choice, give a list of “power off” options etc.,

The app can be downloaded for just a dollar from Cydia through the BigBoss repo.

states a comment on our YouTube video for LockGestures. Frankly, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

‘DoubleTapToOpen’ Prevents You From Accidentally Opening Apps

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Double Tap To Open for iOS

DoubleTapToOpen is an app similar to LockGesture in the sense that they are both tweaks which affect the way in which your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad’s screens respond to your gesture commands. Whereas LockGesture ‘unlocked’ your iDevices lock screen letting you perform a myriad of operations by different finger gestures, the tweak DoubleTapToOpen lets you perform a single function with a single type of finger gesture.

This tweak or app, what ever you call it, changes the way apps are opened on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Usually you do this with a single tap of your finger, but now you need to double tap any app icon on the springboard, Windows style, to launch the app.

Come to think of it as this app actually makes things more difficult, but it does make sense in a way. How many times have you not fired up an app without meaning to by accidentally touching the app icon. I sure have done it. Now there is no need to worry. You touch the icon once and nothing happens and only when you tap it twice in quick succession will any app launch.

Once the app is installed though, it needs some getting used to. After years of just touching the icons to launch them, our brain automatically commands the finger to just tap once. After taping an icon once and realizing nothing had happened I remembered that i had installed the app.

It might be annoying in the beginning, but if you feel opening apps without meaning to is more annoying, then you must get this app. It is available for free in Cydia through the BigBoss repo and yes, your iDevice needs to be jailbroken.

Fix iOS 4.3.3 Vulnerability with isslfix

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isslfix for iOS

Many of us have own iDevices, be it the iPhone or iPod Touch or the iPad. Some of us have even jailbroken our iDevices and have been enjoying the many benefits that come with jailbreaking an iDevice, but how many of us have actually bothered to think how a jailbreaking application jailbreaks?

Jailbreaking is possible due to the flaws in the iOS architecture. The one that JailbreakMe.com took advantage of to jailbreak iOS 4.3.3 is actually (or was in some cases) found in Mobile Safari. The security flaw in Mobile Safari can be exploited by a “maliciously crafted PDF file”, giving access to iOS system files which can then be manipulated. This is exactly what JailbreakMe 3.0 did to jailbreak iOS 4.3.3. This flaw however, was almost immediately patched by Apple in their subsequent iOS versions.

If you are thinking that, well, there was a flaw and jailbreakMe took advantage of it and Apple patched it and that is the end of the story, then you are mistaken. This same flaw can also be exploited by others to gain control over your iDevice. This will not be a concern if you have already updated you iOS with the latest version, since it has already been patched. But what about those people who never updated there iOS fearing their jailbreak will be lost? These iDevices still have the flaw in them and hence are vulnerable. If you are worried that updating your device and losing the jailbreak is the only way to overcome the flaw, then you are wrong.

isslfix is a free patch released by @Onaj, which is available from Cydia through the BigBoss repo, which will solve your problem forever. All you need to do is download it and install the patch and it will patch up the security flaw in iOS. This will probably render your iOS as safe as Apple’s patch and the best part is that you can continue using your jailbroken iDevice.

Re-download your previously purchased TV shows

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Apple products
If you are wondering how you can access TV shows on your iDevices ( iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV) which were previously purchased, then this can be easily done now. Both on iTunes on Mac and Windows, but only if you are in the U.S. This is now possible because Apple, as a part of iCloud beta will let you re-download all your TV shows both from iOS and iTunes, and Apple TV users can stream them as well.

Here is how you do your re-download and streaming of your previously purchased TV shows.

From iTunes: Under the quick links section of the iTunes Store click on Purchased link. Now click on the new TV shows. This will let you see all the purchases that you have ever done. iTunes version required is 10.4.

From iPhone and iPod Touch: Tap on the iTunes app. Once the app is launched, tap the Purchased button and then tap the TV shows button. This will again show you a list of shows you have purchased. To re-download any item, tap on the cloud download button. Also, taping All TV Episodes will make it easy to see the TV shows by each episode.

From iPad: The procedure is the same as in the iPhone and the iPod Touch, only differing in where the respective buttons are placed. The software version required for iOS devices is 4.3.3.

Apple TV: For you to be able to re-download previously purchased items on Apple TV, the device should be running on the software version 4.3. You can update the software to 4.3 by choosing Menu, General and then Update Software. Once updated, you will now find a Purchased button under TV Shows. From here you will be able access all your previously downloaded TV shows and watch them directly. TV Shows purchased from Apple TV can also be accessed on the other devices.

Note that if the previously purchased items are no longer available in the iTunes Store, then these cannot be re-downloaded.

Clear App Notification Badges Instantly On Your iPad Using BadgeClear [Jailbreak Tweak]

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BadgeClear for iOS

The introduction of the notification functionality was one among the many good things that happened to iDevices lately. From notifications about incoming calls to notifications about the available updates to your presently installed apps, it does it all. A part of the notification functionality is the notification badge. I am talking about the red circle with numbers inside them, which sometimes appears at the top right corner of app icons such as the mail app, message app, app store, etc.,

These round symbols notify the user about number of things that are pending, or mails or messages that are unread, or things that can be updated, etc., The purpose served by these little round symbols is justified, and I personally feel that these notification badges are very useful.

However, say you own an iPad. The beautiful, sleek device with an attractive large screen. Everything on the screen so neatly arranged with the wallpaper in the background and the well spaced icons. Well, you know what i am talking about. Now, if a notification badge appears on top of an icon, some may consider it to be a spoiler of iPad’s beauty.

If you are are one of those persons who finds the notification badge annoying, you may find this app particularly useful. iOS, natively provides no option to turn off notification badges. The only option left is to turn to a Cydia tweak. Your iPad needs to be jailbroken for this, of course.

The app which comes to the rescue is called BadgeClear!. This app is extremely easy to use. Once the app has been installed we can get started with removing the notification badges. Tap and hold any icon on the springboard and all the app icons will start to jiggle. This usually is done to rearrange te icons or to delete any app, but with BadgeClear installed you will now also be able to remove notification badges. The badges have to be removed one at a time though. Tap on the badge which you want to remove and a pop up asks for a confirmation. Once you tap ‘ok’, the jobs done. Now move on to the rest of the badges.

This app is available for $0.99 in Cydia through the BigBoss repo.

iPad Tip: A Fix for When Photos Won’t Save to the Camera Roll

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iPad Camera Roll

Sometimes, there are possibilities that after Jailbreaking your iPad, it might have started functioning improperly. The usual solution to any problem that might be effecting your iDevice is complete restoration of the device using iTunes. There are instances though, when even a system restore has been unable to resolve an issue.

One such issue is with photos not getting saved on to the Camera Roll of the iPad. The issue is sometimes caused after a jailbroken device has been restored back to Stock. The iPad suddenly loses it’s ability to save pictures on to the Camera Roll and it becomes almost impossible to rectify this problem, since even restore does not resolve the issue.

There is, however, a relatively simple solution to this annoyance. Before proceeding with the solution procedure, there are a few basic things you should take care of first.

You should make sure to back up all the data and sync your iPad with iTunes. Once all the data in the iPad is safe, you can go ahead do anything that needs to be done to resolve the problem

The solution lies in deleting a certain folder in the file system. The folder name is 100Apple and the complete path to find the folder is: /Media/DCIM/100Apple. 100 Apple is the folder where the Camera Roll pictures are saved. If the folder is deleted, the iOS automatically creates a new 100Apple folder. Once the old folder has been replaced, the problem ceases to exist and you will once again be able to save photos on to the camera Roll. Another question here is, how to access the 100Apple folder? This can be easily done with a simple app called iPhone Explorer. This app exposes the whole File System letting you modify the files inside. Be careful not to modify or delete any other file in the File System as this could result in your iPad getting bricked.