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Buy your new iPad from an iPad vending machine

September 23, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share

iPad Vending Machine

There are lot of varieties of vending machines, starting from candies and drinks to electronic gadgets like digital cameras. According to Wikipedia, was invented by Hero of Alexandria. The Greek engineer’s machine would dispense holy water upon coin deposits. But now, you can see the evolution, and I guess there is no holy water vending machine anymore.

But there is something new. There is now an iPad vending machine. Yes, just put in the money and get an iPad from the machine. Isn’t that the most simplest way to shop? This news comes in from The Consumerist. The iPad vending machines will be placed in the men’s department at popular and major retail stores. As a matter of fact, if you are anywhere near Macy’s store, you can have a look at one of the vending machines right now. The Consumerist spotted one at a Macy’s store, the one you can see in the photo. The blog says:

“It was an unexpected sight. I guess impulse buys aren’t just for Skittles anymore. Yes, the iPad vending machine. Perfect for those times when you’re running late and need to pick up a 3-pack of Hanes and a $499 multitouch Wi-Fi-enabled tablet computer in the same trip.”

As a matter of another fact, big stores like Walmart, Target, and others already have a vending machine system which they call the one stop shop system. But it is surprising that Macy’s store, a store which is in the same mall where Apple has one of its huge and attractive Apple Stores, is selling iPads from a vending machine.

One more thing to consider is that you can easily get your hands on one of these iPads from the vending machine pretty easily, but what is the return policy on them? Confirm that before you drop bills worth $500 into the machine.

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