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Boxee App for iPad Released

August 10, 2011  |  iPad Apps  |  Share

Boxee App for iPad

Boxee is a video streaming app available on the Apple App Store. You can call it your own personal YouTube on iPad, in the sense that you can watch all your videos and videos from your friends anywhere and anytime. This cool app for iPad was first unveiled at the consumer electronic show and now it is available on the App Store.

Do you find getting videos from your personal collection on to the iPad a major headache, what with all the converting and syncing and stuff? Now you do not have to spend your precious time on converting videos. You can now directly stream videos over a Wi-Fi network directly from your computer. Extremely convenient don’t you think? The app also provides an option to view the video later with the tab provided for it, called “watch later”. So, now you can watch your favorite videos at anytime on your favorite iPad.

Boxee is not limited to streaming videos from you computer, of course. You can view videos from the net. Videos posted by your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr can be directly pulled in by your Boxee app and you can watch it on the iPad immediately, or may be later by putting it on the queue.

Another amazing feature on the app is it’s AirPlay like ability to stream videos wirelessly. If you feel like sharing your videos with your family or friends who have come over to your place, they do not have to huddle around your iPad any more. Stream the videos from the app to your Boxee Box and now you can watch your videos on your HDTV or any other large screen.

This cool app is available on the App Sore for free. If you own an iPad, this app is an essential download. Do not miss it.

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