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Atari’s iPad game controller turns down the fun before being released

September 7, 2011  |  iPad 2 Accessories  |  Share

Atari ipad game controlelr

Atari had announced the new and awesome game controller for the iPad which is on its way. An official Atari controller for the iPad can mean just a lot many things. This could mean that you will be able to play a lot of old and classic games that Atari had produced and those that have not yet made available to any other platform. This potentially means the whole Atari game library.

I was so excited of being able to play all those classic arcade games, the original Atari ones. But before the controller has been released, there are a few things about the controller that will just bring down all the expectations and excitement you had for the device. Image playing an first person shooter (FPS) or a racing game in the landscape mode. You say that is the way it has to be played?

I agree, but with this new Atari iPad game controller, you cant play all these games, because landscape mode is not supported. But why you ask? Well, unlike most other gaming controllers, the Atari iPad game controller connects to the iPad using the dock connector and not wirelessly on Bluetooth. This means that your iPad has to be docked to the game controller whenever you want to play with it.

So, you can hook up a controller to the iPad and use it in the landscape mode. That is just not possible. You have to use it in the portrait mode itself. This is a bummer, I agree to this as well. But dont be sad, it not Atari’s iPad game controller, some other game controller.

Luckily, there is the iCade, another game controller for the iPad. And unlike Atari’s, this uses Bluetooth. So you can use it with just any game you want and in any orientation. But the iCade costs $40 more than the Atari’s controller. If you ask me, paying off an extra $40 is better than not being able to play any game you want with the portrait-only game controller. What do you say?

But in case you are interested about the Atari iPad game controller, below is some info:

“The Atari Arcade is scheduled to drop on October 2 at Target and then in November at Toys “R” Us and Walmart for $60. Take your pick, the iCade sells for a whopping $100. They’re both considerably expensive peripherals, but when has any decent “appcessory” made for the iPad been cheap?”

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