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Apptivator, a jailbreak tweak

July 26, 2011  |  iPad Tweaks  |  Share
Apptivator, a jailbreak tweak
Apptivator isn’t just a cute name but, its a fantastic jailbreak tweak that adds depth to still – useful, but along in tooth.

Activator is a chief element which acts as staple jailbreak tweak that allows you to perform actions on your iPhone using a variety of methods. You can customize actions for a swipe of the status bar or to double taps of the home button.

Most other tweaks rely on Activator most of the times. Apptivator, on the other hand, acts as a plugin to Activator, allowing you to use all of Activator’s features by just double tapping on the apps’ icons.

Apptivator never cease to amaze us. Every time we start it up, there’s always something that we can’t stop ourselves from trying out and reviewing new thinks. You can easily locate Apptivator in Cydia by simply searching for it. Apptivator allows your icons to do more, you can assign  Activator listeners to your application that you are more likely to use on regular basis. Its particularly useful if you have hundreds of application installed on your device and would want the favorite ones at the tip of your fingers.

Activator actions assigned directly to application icons open up a wealth of potential. For instance, it’s entirely possible to launch specific features of application just by double tapping the application in the question.

An example of this can be seen using it with biteSMS. With  simple applications of  Apptivator, you could assign the quick compose functionality direcltly to the biteSMS application icon, therefore allowing you to invoke quick compose with double tap of biteSMS application’s icon.Using Apptivator makes your work much simpler and more easier and interesting to work with.

That’s just one of many scenarios. I am sure with the use of this amazing Apptivator you can yourself innovate with lot of applications and come out with some additional innovate uses.

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