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Apple is offering refurbished iPads for just $299

August 23, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share

iPad 2

Have you ever wanted to get a tablet? I know you would have. And have you ever wanted to buy an iPad as your tablet? Sure, you have. But is the $500 price tag a bit off your limit? Well, it is for somebody. But you cant just remove the thought of having an iPad from your head, right? This is very much true.

So, if you are one of the many people who have got the above feelings, then here is a good new. You can get an iPad for just $299 now. Apple has been selling refurbished iDevices for some time now, and iPad has been on this list for some time as well. But we have never seen an iPad for such a low price tag. Apple has recently lowered the price on iPads.

This may be a direct competition to HP’s discontinued TouchPad as the company recently dropped the price heavily on the TouchPad to just $99. Though Apple may never think of offering even a heavily refurbished iPad for just $99, the $299 price tag is not bad.

Also, this can be an indication that Apple is trying hard to sell out all the old and refurbished iPads there are in the store room before it makes the big announcement for the next member of the iPad family, the iPad 3. The iPad 3 was expected to come out in the next month, but latest rumors say that its not coming before 2012. And when it does come out, its going to be a bigger hit than any tablet there has been, even the iPad 2. This is because the iPad 3 is said to be packing a much better Retina display.

So if you want to get a nice tablet for less money, this is your chance. Also, this sale started off with 16GB iPad model. But now, Apple has run out of the refurbished 16GB iPad models, so the company is selling 32GB model for just $399. Still a sweet deal. Go get them.

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