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Apple is investigating solar cells for future iDevices

July 28, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share

Apple and Samsung solar powered cells

Considering all the talk about power saving and going green, it does not come as a surprise that Apple and one of its main competitors in the smartphones and tablet categories, Samsung, are considering the idea of using solar power in their future devices, according to DigiTimes.

The technology will let future devices like iPads to be charged with the use of solar cells. But this sure is a long way off from now.

Samsung and Apple have been evaluating the possible niche market for solar-powered consumer products and considering the inclusion of Taiwan-based solar firms in their respective supply chains. However, according to Taiwan-based solar firms, these niche markets will need a longer time to develop.

Apple has been rumored to be working on solar technology before as well, and with our mobile devices consuming more and more power and requiring frequent charges, it will come as a welcome change to have a device which will charge itself on solar cells and run continuously without the need to plug the device into a socket. Considering It’s potential we may expect that Apple isn’t going to be the only company looking into alternative sources of power for their hardware.

We have been seeing Samsung and Apple fight it out in the market and in the court of law over their tablet and smartphone businesses. With the sales of Apple’s iPads reaching new heights, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab giving iPad a bitter fight— it appears it will be some time before we see any clear picture of who the winner might be.

For obvious reasons it will be some time before these new technologies will see the light of reality , the new technology will not be seen in iDevices any time soon. But we have to start sometime and we are glad it is happening now, and not at all surprised that Apple is looking to the future. After all, that is what Apple does best.

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