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Apple cancelled iPad 3 orders for 2011

August 16, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share

iPad 3 Abstract

There have been reports that Apple is building a new iPad 3 and that this better than the current iPad 2 in many ways. However, there is a new report that says that the Cupertino based consumer electronics giant has cancelled the iPad 3 orders. This report is said to be confirmed by overseas suppliers for Apple who have also reportedly suggested that Apple has postponed the launch date of the iPad 3 for sometime later.

Before this report came out, it was believed that Apple will be launching the next gen iPad, the iPad 3, along with the expected iPhone 5 launch next month. It is also said that the iPod line is getting refreshed this time with a Bluetooth module in the iPad Nano and a 3G radio in the iPod Touch, to name a few. So along with iPhone and iPod, Apple was expected to refresh the iPad line as well.

“Apple was originally set to launch its iPad 3 in the second half of 2011 with a supply volume of 1.5-2 million units in the third quarter and 5-6 million in the fourth quarter, but Apple’s supply chain partners have recently discovered that the related figures have all already been deleted, the sources pointed out.”

The next gen iPad, the iPad 3, was expected to have a better display with a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels and a measure of 9.7 inches. It was also rumored that the iPad 3 might come with a Retina display. But now there are rumors that say the price of these displays have gone up which is making the company delay the launch. Samsung and Sharp are the suppliers of displays for the iPad. Also, it is said that there are some technical difficulties regarding the display:

“Sources from panel players also pointed out that the 9.7-inch panel with high resolution requires a much larger backlight source and a single edge light bar is hardly able to reach satisfaction levels. Due to iPad 3′s requirements over the physical thinness, rich color support and toughness will all conflict with the panel’s technology restrictions; therefore, this could cause a delay in the launch.”

So what do you think about the whole iPad 3 rumor mill?

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