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Apple’s new battery patent, could be for the iPad

July 29, 2011  |  iPad News  |  Share

Apple’s new battery patent

Apple is known for it’s futuristic ideas be it in design of it’s devices or the software and hardware for it. They are certainly good at coming up with new ideas and they have bags full of patents to their credit. So what is the next major technological innovation that Apple has come up with? It is battery life.

According to inside sources from Apple, they have filed a new patent application for a new battery technology they have come up for their iPad. This new technology is said to bring in a new design and increase battery backup by making it more efficient.

The company is trying to increase the battery backup of its iPad’s battery, by packing up multiple “jelly rolls” into a single battery unit.

“Jelly rolls (Swiss rolls), are typically found in your standard cylindrical rechargeable AA D batteries. Anode and cathode material is laid down and divided by a separator, then rolled up into a hollow cylinder in the design.”

The patent is named ”Battery with Multiple Jelly Rolls in a single Pouch”. This new technology will try to improve upon the existing Li batteries used by current iPads as well as iPhones and laptops. Li batteries are known for the long backup time they provide with small sizes which can be put in the small compartments to fit in sleek gadgets like the iPad. But experts say that this existing design is not good enough as it leaves 90% to 95% of space in the compartments unused. This is something Apple is trying to overcome with the new patent.

Below is an excerpt from the patent application:

“The use and placement of multiple jelly rolls of different lengths and thicknesses within a pouch may allow the creation of a custom battery cell that maximizes the use of free space within a portable electronic device and provides greater capacity, packing efficiency, and/or voltage than battery cells that contain only one jelly roll per pouch. – Apple Patent 20110183169”

Hence, we can make out that with this new revolutionary design, future iPads and other Apple products can be designed without having to worry about leaving a fixed amount of space for a battery. Any free space found can be utilised.

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