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Adobe Photoshop Express for iPad

August 3, 2011  |  iPad Apps  |  Share

PhotoShop Express for iPad

With iPad and iPhone owners spending so much of their time with these devices, it has become an integral part of their life. Every photo that we have with us are now stored on our iPads. The default iPad photo app is an amazing app. The interface is smooth and wonderful to use. With all the photos stored in stacks, it just looks amazing. Those are enough reasons to have all our photos stored away on the iPads.

Not all of our photos look good all the time though. Some might be over exposed, some underexposed. Some might have noise in them and some might have content that we do not require. We need to edit these pictures to make them look better. We can of course edit the pics one after the other on our computers and then sync them on to the iPad, but with users using the camera on the iPad a lot, it becomes impractical to download every picture that needs to be edited, edit them, and then upload them back to the iPad. It would be very convenient to have a photo editing tool on our device itself.

Adobe Photoshop Express is the perfect tool for this. Developed by Adobe Systems Inc and available for free in the App Store, this app does all the basic photo editing with just a few taps and gestures. You can do from basic editing such as crop, flip, straighten to slightly advanced editing such as correcting the exposure, changing the light settings, increasing the saturation etc., You can even add effects to your photos to make them look more attractive. Some of the preset effects are soften, vibrant, pop, half tone, and many more. Even borders can be added to your pictures.

With the latest update to the app it even has a camera app so that you can directly start editing as soon as you take a picture. Once you are done editing, you can share the photos with your friends on Facebook or on Twitter. Even upload them on Photoshop.com to keep them safe forever.

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