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‘LockGestures’ Adds Multitouch Gestures to Your Lockscreen

August 15, 2011  |  iPad Tweaks  |  Share

LockGestures for iPad

Jailbreak tweaks are almost always fun to use. It kind of brings your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch alive. As I was browsing through YouTube, looking for cool jailbreak apps, I came across this app called LockGestures. As I read through the comments, I came across this one which read:

“Soon we’ll need a lockscreen for our lockscreen,”

The statement explains it all about what the jailbreak tweak is. Watching the video left me amazed. This is one of the coolest jailbreak tweaks I have come across for some time now.

iOS’s lock screen is very simple when compared to some of the other smart phones which have there screens filled with widgets. Well, I am not telling I want my iPod’s screen to look so unorganised, but all I am telling is, it would be nice if iOS’s lock screen did more than just unlock the iDevice. Don’t you think so?

With LockGestures, the iOS lock screen will no longer remain the same. You can make your lock screen do a whole variety of stuffs. The lock screen will respond to a whole range of gestures, with each gesture performing a certain task which can be set by you.

Once the tweak has been installed, go to the Settings app. This is where you get to set the tasks for each gesture. The different gestures supported by LockGesture are:

  • Tap 3 times with one finger
  • Double tap with one finger
  • Single tap with two fingers
  • Swipe upwards with one finger
  • Swipe downwards with one finger
  • Swipe one finger right
  • Swipe one finger left
  • Pinch and
  • Tap one finger and hold for 1.5 sec or more.

Each of these gestures ca be turned ON or OFF and each can be assigned a task such as increase or decrease screen brightness, fire up an application of your choice, give a list of “power off” options etc.,

The app can be downloaded for just a dollar from Cydia through the BigBoss repo.

states a comment on our YouTube video for LockGestures. Frankly, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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