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‘DoubleTapToOpen’ Prevents You From Accidentally Opening Apps

August 14, 2011  |  iPad Tweaks  |  Share

Double Tap To Open for iOS

DoubleTapToOpen is an app similar to LockGesture in the sense that they are both tweaks which affect the way in which your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad’s screens respond to your gesture commands. Whereas LockGesture ‘unlocked’ your iDevices lock screen letting you perform a myriad of operations by different finger gestures, the tweak DoubleTapToOpen lets you perform a single function with a single type of finger gesture.

This tweak or app, what ever you call it, changes the way apps are opened on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Usually you do this with a single tap of your finger, but now you need to double tap any app icon on the springboard, Windows style, to launch the app.

Come to think of it as this app actually makes things more difficult, but it does make sense in a way. How many times have you not fired up an app without meaning to by accidentally touching the app icon. I sure have done it. Now there is no need to worry. You touch the icon once and nothing happens and only when you tap it twice in quick succession will any app launch.

Once the app is installed though, it needs some getting used to. After years of just touching the icons to launch them, our brain automatically commands the finger to just tap once. After taping an icon once and realizing nothing had happened I remembered that i had installed the app.

It might be annoying in the beginning, but if you feel opening apps without meaning to is more annoying, then you must get this app. It is available for free in Cydia through the BigBoss repo and yes, your iDevice needs to be jailbroken.

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